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I am curious for spoofing. does it mask your IP address.


Say, can apex track me from same IP address spoofing different configs.


I can play multiply accounts if one gets banded. but could i end up getting IP banned is this an issue that I should address?


Do i need a VPN like Virtual sheild? is that worth it


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If you want complete anonymity when doing anything of that sort this is what i recommend there may be better ways but this is what i do. 

Create an Restore point

VPN ( private Internet access ) 
Spoof HWID, 

store Apex separate drive 

Revo Uninstaller Pro. 

so my method once i got banned would be.

Restart Pc, Go back to the restore point, Format the drive that apex was on, ( Restore point should uninstall it anyways) Revo uninstaller to clear everything from cookies, temp files, registry files, dead programs. Anything that can be tracked. and spoof HWID and use a disposable email to make an new account. 

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