Skin changer only?

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I used chods 3 or 4 years ago, liked the cheat but got out of the cheating scene and played legit. Now I gotta be honest, I dont really miss the cheat itself - I miss the skin changer most. I just like to play decent skins, but damn bois. 1000€ for a big inventory? Nah. 400€ for a trade banned account just to get sub-par knives? Nah.


So, my question is: is it possible to go for the skin changer as a standalone? Or do you have any advice on which other skin changer would be a good choice? I dont want to get some mega link off of a youtube video with some dude typing the stuff into an editor page.


Also, I couldnt quite find it - is a skin changer in itself forced to be injected? Or can they be used like texture hacks in CoD for example?


Thanks for any answers

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