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EFT Somewhat Detailed Cheese Review


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Alright, first of all i am hoping everyone is having a good day. But now ignoring all of the politeness it is time to start talking about the EFT cheese, which don't get me wrong is amazing, but there are some small things that could be fixed. They aren't that bad but it is more or less a quality of life kinda thing. So let's get started.

Aimbot 10/10
- Silent Aim 10/10 
- Nothing much to say about it, only that it is amazing and can help you out a lot, combine it with some good settings and it can be really easy to look legit while dominating everyone with your cheese.
- No Recoil 10/10 - Same as silent aim, nothing much to talk about it just removed your recoil. Personally it can help you out controlling it so i suggest having it at about 40-50% for some nice control.
- No Breath/Sway 10/10 - Can be useful if you are not using silent aim. It just removes the gun when aiming from moving to the sides, so it is a lot easier to hit your targets.
- Fov Slider 10/10 - It is a cool feature to have especially if you like playing games that allow you to have high fov.
- Friends Being Excluded From Aimbot 9/10 - Can't really say much about it it just excludes your friends from the aimbot so they don't get shot in the back of their head. And for quality of life things it would be nice to have it save your friends so you don't need to reapply it to your friends every match.


ESP 10/10

- Item ESP 11/10 - By far the best thing in this cheese. It can help you out alot in rare loot maps like shoreline and labs. It is the best thing ever to have especially when you configure it to have the items you want that are really expensive.
- Player ESP 10/10 - It is really nice to have it enabled with bots since it can help you out knowing if you are about to be jumped from the corners and where the other are. It is also nice to know what gear they have especially what gun. It can help you out a lot and increase your chances of survival by a huge amount. Just don't look at the players through  walls keep it legit. There are also some interesting options like knowing what they have in their backpack and pockets, but to keep it fun and somewhat EFT like just leave it disabled. You never know what you might find, it might even surprise you.

MISC 10/10
- No Visor 10/10 - Can be a bit tricky but nothing too bad to make it a 9/10. It is an amazing thing if you are one of the people who hate seeing the visor. It just removes the visor effect that is it.
- Ammo Counter 6/10 - It is useful to know how much ammo you have in your gun, but the down side is if the magazine is bigger than 30 rounds it can sometimes get a bit glitchy where it just freezes on the same amount. Nonetheless it can still be useful.
- SpeedBoost ?/10 - Never used it since i like to try looking legit.
- Auto Unlock 9/10 - Alright this is also an amazing thing, with this you no longer need to have any keys with you. It is truly something unique and special. The only downside is that it does not work with keycards. But knowing this community and noticing the work they have done, especially on the road map. I believe that they will add the ability to auto unlock even without key cards.
- Day/Night 10/10 - Can't really say much about it it just makes it a lot easier to see things at night time maps.

The Menu Itself 10/10
- Menu 10/10 - it is a simple looking menu with all of your features categorized well. It gives you the option to remove the watermark and the Config saver is OH MY LORD. Having the ability to instead of downloading some other guys configs and trying to make it work is not a thing. You just fallow a guy on this wonderful forum and done, if the guy had his config set to public everyone can use it and modify it to their liking.

Everything aside the EFT cheese is amazing. Haven't seen anything like it. The closest thing to this cheese was some russian one but it was bare bones. So yeah Chod's-Cheese is amazing, love you guys 10/10 looking towards the future.

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The Speedhack can be useful, it won't look so suspicious when you have the right settings for it. 

You need to see how fast players with Strenth lvl. 100 are.


@PeterTheBoi ESP and Aimbot are all what you need most of the times, so only ESP should be enough at the beginning.



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