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EFT Detailed Cheese Review


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Hello all.

I've been a member of Chod's since the beginning of this year, and ever since then, I've been jumping on and off of Escape from Tarkov with cheese. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the services, both in game as well as the customer service here. Even the forum chat consists of other friendly cheesers who would help each other out in terms of minor issues. You certainly don't see that with any other service. Below is a detailed review of the EFT cheese, most of which I use, although there are a few that I personally don't use. 


1) Aimbot 10/10

When I first started using this, there were a few issues with it. Sometimes the snapping would be all over the place, or it just doesn't work. It's different now,. however. Much improved, and for the past recent months, I haven't had a single problem with it at all. 

Silent Aim 10/10 - By far my most favorite option to use, as sometimes the snapping can be annoying. It also makes it look like you are playing legit.

No breath/no sway 10/10 - I used to have these enabled back then when Silent Aim wasn't implemented yet. It increased my chances of survival, especially when fighting against other cheesers. I don't use it now that Silent Aim is implemented because I personally don't think it matters when the bullets are flying in their own direction lol

No recoil 10/10 - Like the no breath/no sway options, I used to enable 100% removal before Silent Aim. Now I only remove 50% to make it look more legit.

FOV Slider -/10 - Never used this. I enjoy the vanilla FOV ^_^

Aimbot Slider 10/10 - I always keep it at 100%.

* Excluding friends from Aimbot 8/10 - I hate giving a rating that's not 10/10, but I have to admit that it gets pretty tedious to have to exclude every friend that you play with at the start of each match. I'd have to make a BS excuse ("Hold on, I'm stuttering like crazy", or "Still loading for some reason") before we head out LOL but now with Silent Aim (again, by far THE best thing to this service), I don't exclude them anymore since I don't have to worry about snapping to them every time they're in my sights. I just hope they don't run in front of me when I'm shooting :D


2) ESP 10/10

- Player ESP 10/10 -Usually when I play solo, I'd have player ESP enabled. The main options that I would enable are weapons and helmet (sometimes armor). That way I know what I'm up against, yet it's simple enough to not cover half my screen with colorful words everywhere LOL I never use the options that let you see the contents in their pockets, backpacks, etc because I still find it exciting to search and loot rare weapons and equipment instead of just seeing where they are in the match. As for the player itself, I only enable the skeleton and draw look line. Again, that way it doesn't cluster my screen with too many things, and keeps it simple. A lot of people use the Wallhack, but I personally have never used it.

Loot ESP 9/10 - Back then, the only thing that I would enable are for rare things, such as Bitcoin, M4s, etc. Now I only use it to find Player Inventory (dead bodies). ***Recently, it hasn't been working for me for some reason. I'd enable it, then add Player Inventory to my list, but nothing shows up. So custom list might be broken. Not sure as of today though, I haven't used Loot ESP for a while as going around and searching for loot seems more exciting. Never NOT use custom filter because it will flood your screen.


3) Misc 10/10

Night/day Mode -/10 - I have personally never used this at all. Like I have never even tested it out to see what it was like LOL :S

No Visor 10/10 - This was initially a little bit confusing to use. I finally now understand that in order for it to work, you must have your visor down (enabled) before loading into a match. It says that you can re-join match, so I assume if you activate the visor in-raid, you would need to leave and then re-join. Easiest way is to just have it down (enabled) before going into a match.

Auto-Unlocker 10/10 - I love this. No more having to carry a keytool with you everywhere. No more having to worry about missing out on good loot because you forgot or brought the wrong keys. Doesn;t work with keycarded doors though, sadly. Hopefully this is implemented soon!

Ammo Counter 5/10 - I don't use this because half the time, it's not accurate. I know I have full mags, or sometimes I load bullets into a mag until it becomes full, yet the ammo counter for some reason doesn't seem to sync with that. So I just don't use it at all.

Speedboost 10/10 - CAUTION. Using this will definitely make it obvious that you are a cheeser. The only reason I would use this is when I know that a map is empty (Player ESP), and my extract is far away, so I only use to extract. 


4) Menu Accessibility 10/10

Watermark Removal 10/10 - When I'm playing and have some friends over, this helps so that nothing on my screen shows that I'm cheesing.

Preset Config Saving/Loading 10/10 - Saves so much time instead of having to manually enable/disable everything you want. I have a preset for when I have people over and I don't want it to look like I'm cheesing.


Overall, I am very satisfied with this service. Chod also offers discounts the longer your subscription is, and every time they have down time, you will be compensated for it. I will be happily renewing in the future.


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14 hours ago, itzphi said:

Speedboost 10/10 - CAUTION. Using this will definitely make it obvious that you are a cheeser. The only reason I would use this is when I know that a map is empty (Player ESP), and my extract is far away, so I only use to extract. 

I have my Speedhack against all recommendations always on 1.5~1.6ish and it doesn`t look so hacker like, it seems eveen relatively legit, it just looks like you leveld your Strength Skill a lot and i`ve seen nobody complaining about this.

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