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EFT cheese Review


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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,


My name is Autismos and i have been around for quite awhile, and by that, i mean in the cheesing community(s). I have never written a review anywhere else because well, i don't care to. However, as of right now, this will be my first review ever and i feel its highly deserved because of one simple thing. 


Customer Service.  Everywhere i have ever been, this is one spot that gets neglected and this staff is highly respectable and doesn't talk down at you even when they read the same questions day in and day out, no matter how frustrating it is to see people not use the search function combined with common sense. 10/10 would buy from chod's again just because of this.


as for the cheese itself, every bit of it is great, from the CFG sharing capability to safe mode to even just using the chatbox ingame while you wait

Aimbot - 10/10 i have not had any issues with this works just like you expect it to

                Silent Aim - Works great at preventing your guy from snapping to everything that walks in your path and helps with the illusion of "legit" play

               No breath/No sway - no issues and works marvelously, especially if you just got done running and need to john wick an area

               No recoil - again works perfectly, and the added bonus of having a slider that lets you customize just how much to remove.


ESP - 10/10 customization colors and distance settings really make it worth while

        Player ESP - I personally leave ESP at 25m and only use boxes/name 

        Item ESP - works great, especially for seeing others inventory to decide if their fates are worth intervening with. Again i only use this at 10m just so my screen isnt cluttered with IDs, plus i like to KINDA hunt for                                what im looking for vs making a B-line for items. cant remove all the mystery lol


Misc features - 10/10 i dont really use any of them except for turning night into day,  the occasional use of auto unlocker, and ammo counter.


Chods is also very good about disabling their cheese if there is even a whiff of change in the air.


the price is also fair, so i have no complaints there.


TL;DR - become a member of this community. communicate/lurk or whatever and buy this cheese because it is worth it. 10/10 will come back and buy from again.

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