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Escape From Tarkov review

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Hey, I've been using hacks for EFT for a while now. Been satisfied with it so far so I decided to make a quick review about it.


Misc Features

This hack has a bunch of cool features including a Door Unlocker which is really handy most of the time, too bad it doesn't work with keycards but I hope that will be implemented as well in the future. 9/10


A Speedboost is included as well and I've been using it at max speed almost every raid now for the past few days and it's been really helpful and works really well. 10/10


Night Vision and No Visor has been really helpful during night raids in factory trying to hunt down traders and the no visor is perfect for when you have a crack in your visor and you also don't want to limit your visibility because of smudges on your visor or if there are bullet holes there. 10/10


There are a lot of other things I haven't bothered touching but they do seem interesting and useful in most situations like the ammo counter.



The Player ESP is really useful and gives you any information you want or need about the enemies and hasn't disappointed me at all no matter what situation I'm in. The Player ESP also has a Sound ESP to tell you when you are supposed to be able to hear them walking around, so you could be blasting music and still know if they are stepping just in case if you wanted to look legit. 10/10


The Loot ESP wasn't really up to the standards I was hoping for but it does work and gives you the ability to add something into the Loot ESP list. What this feature could use is the option to disable everything because if you try to disable everything there will still be a lot of items you can't take out and it just hurts your eyes trying to find the item you are looking for. I personally don't use Loot ESP but when I did I didn't like it all. 4.5/10



The Aimbot itself requires some fixing like predictions and automatic zeroing distance. 6/10


Even though the Aimbot is ok, adding Silent Aim makes it way more fun to use and helps you look more legit just in case if you don't want to snap on people. Even though you can change the snapping speed via a slider. 10/10


The Aimbot Friend System is a bit clunky, it doesn't save your friends so every time you restart EFT you need to add your friends back to the list and sometimes people don't appear on the friends list so you have to reopen it. 5/10


There are some Aimbot miscs like the No Sway, No Breath, No Recoil, and No Sway which work perfectly and flawlessly in every situation. You do need to turn off safe mode to use some of these features. 10/10


There are two sliders in the Aimbot menu and those are the FOV Slider and Aimbot Speed Slider. The FOV Slider speaks for itself, you change the FOV of the Aimbot and the lower you put it the more legit you look, and the higher you go then you look more blatant. The Aimbot Speed Slider changes the snapping speed from what I have experienced. The lower it goes the smoother it is and the higher it is the more snappy it is to guarantee those hits. 10/10



The Menu itself looks really smooth and functions really well, took a day or two to figure out how to bind buttons in the menu. You do that by right clicking the box of the desired feature you wanna bind. 8/10


The Menu includes a really cool feature which I like a lot, and that's the Cloud Configs. You can share your own config to people who follow you I believe and you can do the same if you follow other people. And saving configs works really well. 10/10


The Menu includes a Theme Changer and a Console which just speaks for itself, Theme Changer will change the color of the menu and ingame things like the ESP and such and the Console has a bunch of console commands for you to use, including removing the watermark on the top left corner. 10/10


Injecting the Menu is really simple, just grab a USB disk, plug it in and inject it through that. Once it's injected just pull it out and launch as you would normally launch EFT. 10/10


Anti Cheat and Price

The Anti Cheat works really well, haven't been banned at all and I play blatantly almost every day running with speedboost in labs every day. 10/10

The Price is really good and surprisingly low for what you get, makes me just want to extend it right now because of how low the price is and also makes me want to buy other hacks because they seem affordable. 10/10



Last Words

Overall my experience with this hack has been really good. Will be buying more hacks from this website and I've already talked to most of the people on this website and they seem friendly so I will also be staying on the forums and try to help out people or do giveaways. Thank you.

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