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[REVIEW] Escape from Tarkov


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Sup everyone!


So, i've been using this Cheat for a few Games and I have to say, its amazing so I thought i'd let you Guys know with a short Review.


  1. Features

Player ESP: Not much to say about this one, it does what it should and works perfectly fine. It has some troubles Detecting Enemys Heads as Visible when behind some Walls but other than that, perfect.


Item ESP: Same as the Player ESP, works perfectly fine. Needs some Settings to be done from the Player itself since otherwise the whole Screen would be full of Items showing up. But its awesome and super easy to find what you need with it.


Sound ESP: I havent gotten this thing to work as of right now, or I just didnt notice yet that it does. Will Edit my Review as soon as I managed to find out how it works.


ESP Overall: Great Features, especially the "Inventory" Part where you can see what the Enemy Player has in his Inventory, helps a lot to decide wether to go for the Guy and kill him or spare his life and look for a better Victim. 


Rating for the ESP: 10/10


Aimbot: The Aimbot is super awesome and works flawlessly. The Customization is awesome, super accurate. Especially the Silent Aim Part is perfect for "Legit" play. 

No sway / No breath is awesome, yet I think its a bit obvious I dont have those Features on all the time.

What I like is the No Recoil Slider where you can adjust how much % you want to Recoil to be gone, awesome!

It has everything what an Aimbot should have, and works the way an Aimbot should work, great work.


Rating for the Aimbot: 10/10


Misc Features: I havent really used alot of the Misc Features so im just going to talk about those that I have used and ignore the others for now.

  1. Auto Unlocker: In my opinion, one of the best Features for Tarkov. No more closed Doors, works perfectly fine.
  2. Ammo Counter: Simple, yet effective. Its nice to know how much Bullets you have in your Weapon, great Feature.
  3. Speedhack: Used it yesterday, wouldnt recommend putting the Speed to high, but at lower Rates its nice.


Rating for Misc Features: 10/10


       2. Security

Cant really say much about this one so far, but as of right now it looks good. As far as I know, the Cheat / Loader automatically detects changes to their AC and Disables the Cheat on its own (not sure if thats true or not, atleast thats what I heard by now). If it is like this, I dont think I have to be scared to get Banned by a Detection, yet Bans happen and even the best get caught at some Point. As of right now I havent had any Problems and based on other Reviews you guys have some decent Security.


Rating for Security: --- I leave this blank for now and will Update the Review when I used the Cheat a bit longer.


       3. Price

18.99 GBP per month for a Cheat like this is nothing. Super fair price, nothing else to say about this!


Thanks for the oportunity to have such an awesome Cheat, im looking forward to be using it for a long time!




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