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Safest way to test a cheat


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I'm thinking about testing out this cheat, on a second account. I understand there is a Hardware ID spoofer built into this cheat, but does that mean if I use one PC for both legit play with my main Edge of Darkness account and ESP play on a secondary account, my main account will be safe from bans? Both accounts will be coming from the same IP, although I could use VPN for the secondary account if it helps, but of course my ping would suffer a fair bit.


Secondary question - if I use the fleemarket to transfer items from my alt account to my main account, could that get my main account banned? Has anyone heard of this happening?


Cheers for any help, completely new to this world of cheats but with everyone saying there are so many ESP'ers in Tarkov I'm keen to check it out for myself.

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if you transfere items/money to your main account and your alt account gets banned 99% sure your main account will get banned aswell.

should u get banned on your alt account your main account will be fine if it has nothing to do with the cheating account, but make sure you read the guide on here about what to do after a ban happend.

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Thanks for the tips - will be setting up the alt account today, seems VPN gives me decent enough ping so I'll probably use that as well just to be sure there's no link between the two. Mainly trying this to see if I can learn more about the game, spawns, Scav movement, that kind of stuff, as well as having some fun :) But should the alt account end up being filthy rich it would be nice to get some additional cash to fund some deaths on my main account :P 

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