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Hardcore Gamer turned Cheese - 7 Day Testimonial 7/10 - Re-edited


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WARNING : In-Depth review, probably strain eyes.


Hi, My name is Cal or Spi13 is my cheese name haha. I am a hardcore gamer who till a week and 3 days ago played games seriously and extremely competitively and never cheated in any way, I was even opposed to doing glitches. And I would say I was darn good at it. Most noticeably in EFT where prior the the 11.7 patch. My EOD account had a 13 K/D and stash was worth around 800 million prior to the Wipe Events and even received an erroneous ban which was lifted after investigation. My 2 week arguments with BSG eventually led to it. Apparently I had been pre-firing to often (Given I always wear sordins in game and have a £300 headset) I 99% of the time know exactly where players are and what their play is. Anyway. Irrelevant. I would commonly come across cheaters due to the amount of hours I put in and would make those comments "What low lives they must be" and "how sad do you have to be". Always asking the question... Why do people cheat? EFT Wiped for 11.7 and I just could not be bothered. Grinding strenuous mission after mission as I have already done that across 6 odd patches and then farming labs over and over. So I decided to take the leap to the "Dark side" and began my search for cheats so here is where the actual review begins.

First Impressions - 10/10

So after searching across many sites such as aim junkie which really did not impress me and didn't seem safe or careful I came across Chods Cheats. This was the first and only impressively displayed and put across cheat supplier. Convincing and well worded front page and upon reviewing the forums I saw a non-toxic and supportive community which you never even see across non-cheat forums. So my first thought was, are cheats nicer than legit players? Because every forum on almost every game I play is just toxic. This immediately made me feel welcomed even though I hadn't spoke to anyone or anything. Upon researching further all the reviews were good and most bans seemed to be from people who made it obvious. I understand you will eventually get banned but it seemed pretty safe. Unlike all the others that just seemed like chucking $20 at 3 days of cheating. So CHODs Cheats were who I was going to put my money on.


Initial buying and supporting of the cheat - 4/10

There seems to be a consistent problem with the website and purchases. I've had problems with every purchase I've made... Originally buying the cheat and then problems buying the supporter rank. This seems to have happened multiple times before to people but there is apparently a lack of fixing said problems. Originally buying the cheat I made an error. My bad. Second time buying the cheat it still required unnecessary authentication only for that to then have to be cancelled because the website failed to make my account despite me typing in username and password and all the other things needed. I then had to buy it on a another account. I then purchased the supported package only to then find myself completely unable to use the cheat or access any of the forum as I was no longer a customer... I was a supporter. This is where Chods Cheats has really let itself down. Not a painless experience for myself unfortunately. 


Initiating the cheat - 10/10

So despite my skill in game... I am a bit dull upstairs when it comes to stuff like this. I could never fathom how to install mods in most games even in the easiest of drag and drop to mod games. Luckily now Nexus Mods and stuff help you with that. Thank god. Anyway. This is absolute idiot proof. I've seen ESP hacks where if you alt-tabbed that was it. Steam would detect the ESP and they would come for that booty. But all you have to do on this one is put it on a usb stick. Run it, "inject" it and then start the game... And then that's part 1. Part 2 is the in-game gui which is clean, understandable and even has a safe mode to stop you using cheats that are careless like speedhack. This is a unique feature from what I've seen. And everything else is just so easy to use and even the config system is insane! 


Using the cheats - Overall 10/10 - (From what I use)

Player ESP - 10/10 - This is the main feature I use and is absolutely unreal. Skeletons along with - Weapon, Armor and Helmet ESP is my favorite combination. The built in developer feature is also absolutely brilliant. I think an 11/10 would be awarded if it detected other cheaters even outside of Chods but I can imagine that's 1,000,000,000 times easier said than done. Either way, A very clean and user friendly ESP. And if you don't start tracking people through walls or pre-firing I can imagine is completely hidden and safe.
Item ESP - 10/10 - Once you have set this up correctly it is perfect and offers ultimate reliability. I literally can not fault this as it works exactly as expected.
Hidden Visor - 10/10 - Does exactly what is says on the tin and can not be improved on.
Ammo - 9/10 - This is very nice and friendly, is accurate the majority of the time and has saved me on few occasions, if only it also featured an auto-reload ?

Exits - 10/10 - Nicely displayed and very accurate. Can not be improved apart from maybe telling you if the chance exits like Rock passage were active or not. Probably server-side so maybe impossible.

That's pretty much all I use, I understand I'm not taking full advantage of what Chods Cheats has to offer but at this stage I keep myself very entertained
 with what I use and have not been banned yet, I keep things very calm. If I see someone camping a corner I don't rush around pre-firing. I will normally peak it and if he kills me he kills me, otherwise I will return fire and then it's a pretty equal fight. If there is someone camping somewhere and there is no way I would just randomly look there I will continue to be oblivious at some points. If I die I die. My transition to cheating has been very nice and warm thanks to Chods cheats and will not be going elsewhere for cheats and I'd reckon people who are wise who want to cheat to follow the same path. At this point, I really enjoy cheating. I will probably keep to it. Despite every second of playing Tarkov I'm scared I'm going to suddenly disconnect to find the message "BANNED" on my screen. But 7 days and no ban. They've either not detected me or they have and are keeping my ban reserved for the next ban wave. Every day is Russian roulette. But with Chods Cheats... That revolver is 99% of the time not loaded.

At my month cheating (If I make it there) I will post another testimonial. 

But for now! Thank you to the Chods Cheats team and their very reliable product.

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