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50+ hour objective EFT testimonial of a skeptical virgin cheater


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First off read the reqs to use this before you drop money, its not hard and you only have yourself to blame if you can't. Would you buy a boat if you had nowhere to dock it?


In an effort to not repeat the millions of other testimonies with crazy scores and be more constructive, I need to get out of the way that this is *probably* (I cant be 100% certain after all) the best publicly available EFT cheese out there. However the best advice I can give you is know what you want out of this. I was more interested in learning the game through using this (spawn patterns, scav behavior, loot spawns) and for my first ever hack this was not only painless to operate but crazy how well it helped me accomplish my goal. For that alone I would recommend at least a month of it, its insane how much better I play, even when the cheat is down. Once you realize that 1 out of 4 raids has a hacker (maybe even other than yourself, always fun to see people bee-lining towards you :) ), that scavs pretty much have ESP themselves and """"coincidentally""""" walk into you, and that there are some lucrative but seemingly unknown loot spots, you're already at a much better position than where you started, even without firing up the cheese. There are definitely rage hackers here, and some just 24/7 blatant ones as well so if you are more interested in their experience I would recommend you check out their testimonies if you are more akin to that as I prefer to be on the safer side. 


ESP 10/10-


And that 10/10 doesn't come lightly. Not even considering the amazing radius and filter options for loot, player ESP is mind bending. Wanna know what armor/helmet/health that player running up to you has? Wanna know what is in the pocket and backpack of that scav is? Wanna check the faction of that player for that f#$!ing annoying skier quest? Wanna know if that guy 200 meters away on top of that cliff has a sightline on you, or if he's even looking in your direction? This ESP really has never let me down, and doing quests has never been easier once you can avoid every single player on the map if you wish. Another amazing feature if that it will tell you if a player is a dev for BSG (makers of tarkov), def don't wanna be blatant around them XD. The only real grievance I have with it is that certain wall types such as gates, chainlink fences and other translucent or otherwise seethrough objects are still registered as a wall but if you have 2 functioning eyeballs this really shouldn't be a problem, just a tad bothersome.


Aimbot 8/10-


I am torn on what to rate this, not because of the feature itself but by the nature of the game. There are quite a few sub-features within like body part targeting and fast reload, some of which I haven't even used such a silent aim(mostly because I am dumb and even after a lot of reading I'm still not sure what it does, everyone seems to swear by it though). If you are not scared about being banned, and turning off safe mode is no biggie for you, then you probably have a pretty amazing aimbot. I have only used non safe mode by mistake once when my config files were bugged on load. God damn did those 1 taps feel good but god damn was it blatant. Safe mode... It's hit or miss, not to say it's bad. I use a low fov and speed to be more "legit" looking, and if I'm being overwhelmed I'll toggle it to get my cursor in the right area but for the most part if I can avoid using it I do. If the target is standing relatively still and is somewhere within 200~ meters, they are as good as dead. However, considering bullet drop, player movement, ballistic travel time and a boatload of other variables, it's a bit unrealistic to expect a CS level aimbot, which is where I'm torn on the rating. On the one hand I feel like there are areas for improvement but since I lack any knowledge in developing things like these I could be completely wrong and this might be the best it gets. Still there is a good level of consistency on safe mode, and if you are more of a rage hacker, this is probably the best tool for you on the market.


Since they're are more independent of each other and I don't use all of them, I rate what I actively use


Radar 8/10- I use it 24/7 but I seem to be a minority hence the lower rating. It essentially no different from esp, but in the style of a minimap. I like it because it gives me something to check while I am looting to not be caught off guard.


Night-vison/No-visor 10/10- two different features but the names say it all, they work well.


Ammo counter 10/10- I've had it break once but other than that, I don't remember the last time I checked a mag


Auto-unlocker 10/10- After getting all the keys I don't really have much of a use for this feature but it works


Keybinds 10/10- not a visual but didn't know where else to put it lol. Anything in this cheese is bindable by rightclicking it. Very useful

I can't speak for the other features because I either have not used them enough or don't care to.

Community 10/10-
lol Yes I know, bit weird but the community seems nice despite me only being here a little more than a week. All questions I had I found answers in the past forum topics, the use guide was very easy to read and understand, and users are able to upload their configs to be used by other members of the site. I have not seen staff be anything but courteous and patient, and the customer service is praised. Any down time is compensated if it extends past 24hrs. My fears for being banned were addressed by 100's of posts and in the event that I am, there are methods to work around it should I choose to get another account (unlikely to happen though)


Few and far between but worth mentioning to be transparent everything I've encountered. Backing out of a raid has a chance to disable the program but all you need to do is restart. Aimbot sometimes goes to the left of target but I find switching to melee and back fixes it for me. lastly, loading a config that has safe mode enabled but has non-safe options such as no recoil and no spread ticked will still have them activated. Nothing too bad honestly.


Overall 9.5/10-
If you're you've never cheated before and are nervous about using the program, don't be. It's painless.
If you're worried about the quality of the cheese, dont be. It's phenominal.
If you're worried about being banned? Maybe weigh your options.

From what I gathered, there is always a risk. You can be detected, you can be reported, you can be caught in a ban wave (unlikely though from what I've read). The creator of this cheat seems to give you your moneys worth, and the security seems top notch but don't say you haven't been warned. I've taken steps to avoid this such as keeping a low survival rating and k/d but even this might not prevent an eventual ban hammer. So as with any cheat I suppose, buyer beware.


Other than that, I'm no longer skeptical nor a hack virgin. Cheers Chod!

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