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Very intersted in purchasing the cheats for Escape from Tarkov. The community seems nice and the staff seems very responsible and attentive. Before I pull the trigger on the purchase however, I just want to know some basic things about it. How does this work? I read somewhere that theres a USB involved? How does that keep me safe? How long ago was this last detected? I dont plan on using anything else other than loot and player ESP. I used to hack in CS 1.6 a LONG time ago and know how to blend in and not be obvious. 


BSG is updating the game and hot fixing patches quite a lot recently. To my understanding, doing this breaks the cheat, correct? Does that mean that the cheat goes offline (and we lose access to it until it is deemed safe again?) And should I be playing with my main account? I really dont want to shell out another 45$ dollars but my main account was bought in 2017 EOD edition. If there are a high chance (not manual but automatic) of an automatic ban from detection of the software, I think I might get a new account instead to test out the cheats.


Can I get some clarification and or information that could ease my mind? I've read the testimonials and everything seems great and all. The video listed for the hacks though is dated back in 2017. Does the cheat work and look exactly like that still or are there new changes??


I wont be using aimbot, speed, or any thing like that. ONLY ESP.


What are the odds of me being caught (if I play everything perfectly, negative KDA - not looking at walls, etc etc.). Im not the run and gun type either. I usually take my fatass slowly around the map, often crouch slow walking most of it. Yeah............


I had to reset my account because I was down to 28k roubles. I only play Labs atm (such a great map) and I HATE tasks. Im bad at this game so I am hoping these cheats will make me perform better.

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Well I just pulled the trigger on the purchase for 30 days.


I am unable to get it to start up in my game though (EFT). Pressing INS does nothing. Then again it might be my fault. I couldnt follow Dexter's steps because they weren't specific to EFT. I dont login to steam to launch EFT.


First, I DL'd the cheat, put it into a USB and injected it from there. Then I launch game as admin and it still doesnt work. Need some assistance.

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This is the part of the steps that I dont get/have:


2. Getting the cheat injected (Injection)

  • Download the exe from member panel
  • Move the exe to the USB drive
  • Launch the exe from the USB drive
  • Login, select cheat and click injection with 45s injection delay
  • Start the launcher, login, start game
  • Wait in the main menu till the cheat is injected
  • If you see a watermark and radar then the cheat injected correctly, use INS keyboard button to navigate in menu

Where do you 'select' the cheat or have that injection delay? Once I inject, a small popup comes up for like 1-2 seconds before disappearing, seemingly a successful injection but still nothing happens unfortunately. I follow the steps EXACTLY up to that point.

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Nevermind, I finally figured it out. I wasn't running the cheat on Admin. After I did, the popup didn't disappear and instead came up asking me to sign in via forum's login info. Now everything works fine. Thank you!!! Hopefully I wont get banned.


Are there any cheats that you guys recommend using? I am using Safety mode ON at the moment. Since the safety mode, if I activate say AIMBOT or SPEEDHACK, will the safe mode automatically turn off because it detected unsafe cheats?


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