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Question regarding an ESP I used


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The last few days I've been using a public external ESP which I realize is very unsafe. I haven't been obvious in-game about using it that much. If I stop using it now, is it still possible that my account can be banned if I haven't been reported by anyone?


I ask because I am considering Chods but don't want to get it and be banned shortly after due to the old one I used.

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1 minute ago, IdiotGuy said:

Using public cheats are one fast way to get banned.


After using it for a few days nobody will guarantee you anything. Now its only matter of time before you get banned.

Like I said I understand it's dangerous and I know no one can guarantee me anything. I guess the question should have been deeper. I guess I am asking if they have the ability to flag me internally for having used it the last few days without players reporting me on the reddit/forums. Not too great with this stuff so excuse my ignorance.

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  • Administrator

We don't know much either, their flagging/banning policy is still unknown.


But what we know is that they are doing manual bans daily now, together with monthly banwaves.

Many people reported that they went to sleep after a night of playing and next day afternoon they got banned. So there is some kind of delay, and this means flagging.


I suggest stop using that free poop and wait a few days. Then if your account is still good give our product a try.

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