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My EFT Testimonial


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Hello i thought it was my time to write after using it on and off for a long time now. The community here is great and the cheese even better!


AIMBOT 9/10: The aimbot is great it has many options, fov, smoothness, no recoil/spread etc. I have never had the aimbot put me down when using always worked fine. I'm not much of a rage hacker so i try to stay as legit as possible.


ESP PLAYER/LOOT 10/10: The ESP is very good and well made, may thing to customize on that too. Player lvl, names, DEV title, skeleton, boxes etc the usual. The cheese lets you change color of the box if you want to change that. Loot ESP is amazing and have helped me alot sadly you can't save it but that's alright, It shows you where stuff is in containers, on the ground and even player backpacks/equipment. Great features ,very well made and working!


MISC 10/10: Cheese have many misc features like auto unlock that i personally love. Night vision, sky hack that i personally use with a hotkey setup. Fast reload great for snipers, shotguns and sks. Long arms and loot through walls for those that want to look through walls.


OVERALL 10/10: Overall this cheese it the best cheese out there, great support and amazing developer. The community on here helps out alot and are very nice and non toxic. I would recommend this cheese for anyone that want to cheese in EFT. I have been banned one 1/2 account and that was when they hit with a big ban wave long back. Since then i haven't been banned. When it comes to cheesing stay safe, think smart and don't be obvious when cheesing.


This cheese is amazing i have tried others out there but this is the best you can get on the market. Chod takes good care off hes users disabling features that are not safe anymore and constantly updating and adding stuff.

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14 hours ago, azpttvazp said:

agree tested the hack today and works like a charm.


The only thing missing for me is an AIM KEY so i can choosen when to lock on taargets with my aimbot

You can right click on aimbot and set a hotkey.

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