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450 Day Testimonial- EFT


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Hello, I have been a member for little over a year now and it's now time to write a review on how I perceive this service. 

During my time here almost everyone is nice and friendly. The staff has grown quite a bit since I was here and are the most wonderful people I have ever meet using this type of service. This is gonna be a long review so buckle in and thanks for reading. 


Let's start with the Escape From Tarkov (EFT) service. 



  • 64bit Windows 10 
    • Almost the majority of people have this architecture. 10/10
  • DEP set to default windows value
    • Already configured so you don't need to worry about this. 10/10
  • USB (Needs to show up as removable drive/USB in windows)
    • Almost everyone has a flash drive so there is no excuse to not have one. 9/10
Overall: Very basic requirements that any person with no tech knowledge can understand. I believe this method of using a USB is the best method I've ever seen. It's very safe and easy to use. As a long time user of this, I would recommend a USB extender so that you don't have to put in/ take out the USB after every injection and ruin your flash drive/ USB ports on your computer. 
Aimbot features
  • Aimbot  Automatically aim at players
    • Since the development of this service, the Aimbot before silent aim was released was somewhat accurate. Occasionally the Aimbot flicks to the right or left where you can't shoot at your target whether or not its a Scav or a PMC. However, this function has greatly improved over its development cycle and will continue to improve. 8/10
  • Smooth aiming  Controls the speed the aimbot aims at
    • This feature really comes in handy. If you set it up correctly you can really notice a difference in the game. 10/10
  • No spread  Removes the bullet spread
    • This a must have and I had no issues with this feature only positive vibes. 10/10
  • No recoil [Slider]  Removes weapon recoil
    • I do have a toggle for this function when I play with groups and such where I need to not be blatant on my fire rate. This is a must-have in any FPS. 10/10
  • Field of view  Limits the aimbot to only aim if a player is within the set FOV 
    • I love the plethora of options with this service and users can customize this to their liking.  10/10
  • No breath   Removes breath
    • Amazing skill to have. 10/10
  • No Sway  Removes weapon sway
    • The head moving is very annoying in this game and this just fixes everything. A must have. 10/10
  • Hitbox selection  Multiple hitboxes
    • I love how the color changes in the game if an enemy has a line of sight on us. Plus very customizable. 10/10 
  • Silent Aim  Must be combined with Aimbot for use 
    • One of the best features in this category.  This feature makes the Aimbot 1000% better than it already is, this is just the icing on the cake.  10/10 
  • Fast Reload  Reload insanely fast
    • This is a newer feature and it works surprisingly well. However, sometimes my mags seem to be out of sync with the server and they start to flash and I am unable to do anything. 7/10 
Overall: Best Aimbot features I have ever seen extensively in a game. 

Player ESP

  • Boxes  Draw boxes around the player bounding box
    • This is personal preference to leave this on/ off but I usually leave it on. 10/10 
  • Level  Shows Player level
    • A very nice feature to see whether not the scav you're about to kill is a player or not and in general. However, recently there is a bug where it's not displaying this number accurately. (ex. player actual level 35 In raid level 40.) 8/10 
  • Names  Draw player names
    • A very useful tool to see if your gonna kill a streamer, a dev, or frends. Also to see if Killa is on the map. 10/10 
  • Skeleton  Draw player skeleton
    • You can't go wrong with skeletons, they look very cool. Sometimes I would see someone spawn in only to see that they are actually not in the game just invisible.  9/10
  • Inventory  Draw player inventory
    • Most useful feature here. Got a few Icases and very high tier loot by killing scavs and players. One time I was on interchange and a Scav had Kibba 1 key in his pocket. 10/10
  • Distance  Draw player distance
    • Must have for all those quests with 70+ meter shots. Very accurate when using snipers. A must have. 10/10 
  • Health  Draw player health
    • It's very nice to know if a player or scav is gonna bleed out or hurt. A must have. 10/10
  • Sound  Draw player steps
    • I haven't really used this feature in all my time playing because the sound is irrelevant when you have ESP and know how the raid is going to play out. N/A
  • Backpack  Draw backpack items
    • Very useful. 10/10
  • Wallhack/Chams [Slider]  Shows enemys through the wall with glow.
    • I have not used this feature, I play somewhat safe and not kill people/scavs through objects. N/A 

Overall: There are plenty more features that I have not discussed in this category like look direction and etc. I can say this, you have almost full control over people and what they do in the game.


Loot ESP

  • Name  Draw loot names
    • Perfect to find quest items or a way to make fast cash. 
  • Distance  Draw loot distance
    • Very nice to see how far something is. However, not sure if it's just me but on Shoreline, I would see like a few things there at the resort but its like 700m + away from me so like I don't even bother and DC and find a new raid with tons of loot. I feel that I get way too lazy to run all the way there for like 2-3 items I want. 
  • Item box   Draw lootbox items
    • Comes in handy when searching for those 60 rd AK mags for the past 4-5 wipes. 

Overall: This ESP made me want to learn the game, not just loot and leave. I have been doing a ton of testing on how stuff spawns in maps and made some very surprising conclusions that still nobody on Reddit as found nor will I post my findings. 


Misc features

  • Skyhack  Change daytime
    • A very nice alternative to Night vision. Works very well, just not as good in Factory. Very safe to use this feature. 9/10
  • LSD Mode  Drug view
    • I have not used this feature. N/A
  • Night vision  Gives you nightvision
    • A very useful tool when I come tonight raids. No need for expensive goggles to see at night. A must have. However, the filer looks a bit grainy. 9/10
  • Auto unlocker  Automatically unlocks doors and registers by looking at them
    • The most important feature of all. There has been a lot of controversy of using this feature. I can say that this feature is 100% safe I have been using this when It came out. However, it doesn't unlock lab key card doors, which is understandable. I would recommend people even if they are using this feature at least grind all the keys for the maps or buy all of them, just to have it in your inventory. 9/10
  • Loot Filter  Filter the loot you need.
    • A must have. Now that you can have configs for this, it's basically what makes this service exceptional where peoples feedback is answered. However, this feature can be a bit buggy sometimes where it doesn't update properly on every map. Also, I was wondering if there could be a function where all the items shown in the map are all updating so that the previous maps stuff is not listed in the selection menu but the ones you did select from the previous map should obviously be findable if found in the raid. I'll elaborate further if need be. 9/10
  • No-Visor – Helmet visor does not change the sight when down
    • This is actually pretty good and accurate. 10/10
  • Ammo Counter  Shows ammunition in the corner of the screen
    • This is a very nice quality of life feature to have but sometimes when I reload it bugs out. 8/10 
  • Long Arms  Lets you interact with objects from far away 
    • I have tried this and it's pretty cool. 10/10
  • Fast Reload  Reload weapons instantly
    • Amazing but buggy. 9/10
  • Loot through walls  Loot through walls
    • Pretty cool. I looted a crate for a 60 rd Ak mag before someone else could. 10/10
  • No clip/ Fly  Fly through the sky
    • This feature has a ton of controversy and may have led to many bans and such. I used to used this feature 2 patches ago with no issue, however, a lot has been going on recently. I have mixed feelings about this feature and can not give an accurate representation of a rating. I used to break my legs and die to this feature all the time but it did get me on top of the huge rock where sniper scav is on Woods and on the roof of new gas station in Customs. N/A


Overall: This ESP made me want to learn the game, not just loot and leave. I have been doing a ton of testing on how stuff spawns in maps and made some very surprising conclusions that still nobody on Reddit as found nor will I post my findings. 



  • Mouse-driven GUI
    • The graphical user interface is amazing. Very easy to use and intuitive. 10/10  
  • Theme changer
    • When a service gives options to its users on personal preferences you know its a good service and they care.  10/10
  • Cloud configs
    • Just amazing. Very easy to use. A must have. 10/10
  • Console
    • Really nice for taking out the watermark (no offense) and other stuff.  10/10


Overall: This menu is amazing. This doesn't drop barely any FPS when playing and much better experience as a user. 



  • EFT Anti cheat
    • In my time here in this community, I can say they there has only been 1 actual massive ban wave for this service. I have 3 accounts 1 EOD 2 Standard. During this ban wave, I was banned on my standard account. However, I have 100% faith that the likely hood of this happening again on a massive scale is very slim. I trust service 100% and will do it again. The Anti-Cheat itself is superb as long as you aren't blatant with it or flying through maps in like 3 secs. You should be fine. Cheat smart. 9/10

      EFT-Overall Score: 9.9/10

      Thanks for reading. :) 



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Thanks for taking the time to share the details.  I was wondering if we had to pull the usb or not after it loads. From what you say, you remove the usb after it injects ? Also , after you leave the game do you reinject the cheat each time;.

again thanks for your details and information.




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14 minutes ago, RAZR said:

Thanks for taking the time to share the details.  I was wondering if we had to pull the usb or not after it loads. From what you say, you remove the usb after it injects ? Also , after you leave the game do you reinject the cheat each time;.

again thanks for your details and information.


You do not have to pull the USB from the system. However, after you inject it will remove the USB from your file explorer and you will need to reconnect the flash drive to be able to make it readable. This is because of safety.  

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