Detection + HWID Spoofer?


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it all depends on how you use it

if you go a background and you kill a twtch tv
you can take dear

but if you know a minimum play use only the wallhack esp

use the aimbot in t'en as a last resort, you'll see you'll still enjoy playing

cheat h24 / 7d7
will not bring you anything (see that problem)

when the cheat is off in update at least you know how to play a little can


if you use it from time to time you will have no problem with chod's cheat (on some game I cheat thoroughly I never had a problem)
cs go you can go thoroughly and carry all the party
you just have to calm down and never exceed 99 points
otherwise you spend on the overwatch and you really do ban 3 days after (like any cheat)

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2 hours ago, CHuppy said:

Is apex cheat running? Cause it s shows updating on status. Also, why whould I use it from time to time if I pay for it? Or why should I use only a few features of it? It should has some settings that you can make it smooth ( aim for example ). Don t need spin and aim only at head. 

you can cheat h24 if you want
it will not be the cheat that will be detected, but you will be banned because the other player you kill watches you and tells you if you are caught in the act of a transmission of video and support the cheat apex chod can not do anything for you.
their cheating is undetectable and very clean it's up to you to use it correctly


apex legends cheat (chod's cheat) does not have any aimbot silence so even if you set it to a minimum (10m) to the body
if you are not on the enemie and you press the key it will directly shift on the head this is not going to be a human movement

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I could use it while it was normally disabled for updating
it worked very well some default but it was going to be corigated
else it's full of having to hear apex messages for cheating seeing others being banned
I'm nothing ...
it's just he had to kill twitch tv and he keep going too hard
you have to be careful who you kill (you see are speudo) and when you kill her, pay attention to what you do not have a spectator

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1 minute ago, CHuppy said:

I agree with you with this. Still you didn t answer me if the cheat is online now or it is still updating. Cause i vre read that they are manually setting the update of the cheat so maybe they forgot to change the status.



it is not active anymore since I wanted to solve the problem of ESP with chod's support


see the screen above
he was wondering how I had access when he had just edit on the forum that it was in update but did not disable

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