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Firstly the chods community. 


So considering we are all dirty cheese users or contemplating becoming one I can honestly say the community here is the least toxic I’ve ever been apart of. Very friendly people with lots of support and a mutual respect for other users. 


The cheat itself.


I’d like to state that I only use safe mode and I always use one of my four favorite community made configs. I don’t rage and I like to think I’m reasonably careful to not draw attention to myself however there’s the odd time I see someone and think.... screw it i’m killing this guy no matter what ?

ESP is amazing. I’ve never been very good at this game and this helps me to avoid other players and go about my business chasing quests and making a little bit of money. 

Aimbot has not let me down yet but like I said I use configs so I couldn’t tell you how to set it up to be this reliable. 

Radar I have only recently started to use this as it’s value is worth far more than making yourself look obvious whilst viewing the movement of other players. It just makes your movement look more natural. 


There are are loads of other features that I’m not currently using as like I say I want to keep it as natural as possible without the drama of pissing people off. 


All in in all a great addition to a fabulous game that has taken the disappointment of being a shit player away and replaced it with total enjoyment of what can be a very brutal game!


thanks Chod and all staff for bringing back the oomph to a game I thought I would have to leave due to a poor skill set 

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