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13 Day review.


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I'll start this off by saying this is the first time for me cheating and the main reason for me starting to begin with is the shear amount of other hackers

now that's out of the way lets start this review.


Aimbot 9/10

works flawlessly most of the time except the occasional too far left or right, Chod has already stated the cause of this so that's fine

it covers everything i've wanted it to do and done that perfectly.


ESP/Loot ESP 10/10

these both work perfectly never had any issues with these mainly because i dont use magnified scopes at all 

they both have everything you could ever really want to know/see for either items or players or scavs nothing else to say about it other than it just works great


Misc 10/10

main reason for 10/10 is the no visor and auto unlocker not used any of the others except sky hack and they all work perfect except no visor but that may of been changed since i last used it but even then getting it to work isnt a big issue (turn no visor on then turn night vision on and off done).


Overall 10/10 

as i said before this is the only cheat ive used on any game ever and i do not see myself not using it every again it fixes all of the issues ive had with the game (cheaters and other stuff) only issue ive had is combating cheaters on labs who are speed hacking and killing me through walls but that isnt this cheats fault in anyway and lastly i want to say thanks for the amazing cheat and the dedicated staff and owner.

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