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Escape From Tarkov | 2 Week Review


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Chods Cheats is the first ever EFT cheat I used but I can say for sure that I won't change my provider anytime soon.

Reasons for that are probably the security, community and the cheat itself.



Aimbot 8/10

The aimbot does what its supposed to do. Vis check, Aim Bone, silentaim they got it all coverd.

Worked flawlessly mainly but had some little problems here and there with it snapping way of to the left or right sometimes but that rarely happend.



Visuals 7/10

The ESP Overall is really good and clean, only problem I have is that I need to use the "Wallhack" when using a gun with a zoomed scope because I otherwise can't really tell where the enemy is located.

The loot ESP with the custom filter is probably the most usefull feature I have ever seen and I don't ever want to play without it again.



Misc 8/10

I don't really know what Misc features are to expect but Chod's has some really cool/funny once like the LSD Filter.

Features like No Visor and the Sky Changer are some really usefull features that I would miss when I go back to playing legit



Overall 7.5/10

Chod's Cheats in general is a really reliable Software Provider and you won't regret buying it.

It gets updated fairly fast and when its down just look at the shoutbox and chat with fellow cheesers having a blast every time.




Cheers osnium
And Good Hunt Soldier











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