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Chod's EFT Cheese - review after a week of use


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(1) Good, clean client with clear install instructions and start-up guide. The client also has profiles, which enables you to use the same settings every single time.


(2) The ingame UI  is really clean and has a large amount of settings and keybinds to configure the cheese as desired.


(3) The ESP is clean, fast, accurate and most importantly: has no large performance drop. Even when there's 100+ items on screen, the FPS drop is at most 5 FPS.


(4) The aim assistance it works... usually. It's a clean and simple helper which aims towards which is easily able to find heads. There's a large amount of keybinds and settings available to configure, if configured properly: nobody will ever notice you're using one. This aimbot does not have an incorporated bullet travel time compensation; so turn the aimbot off for long range, fast moving targets.




(1) The aim assistance has a bug where it will sometimes suddenly flick to above an enemy's head if the enemy is pointing a flashlight at you. The aimbot somehow will not be able to recognize the enemy and simply forces you to miss. Keep this in mind and have a keybind to toggle the aim assistance off in this case.


(2) I've noticed in a single case where the ESP didn't recognize a container. This is a single occurrence in 10+ hours of gameplay.


(3) Item names are sometimes a bit confusing, as the ESP displayed name will not always correlate to the item name in your inventory; but this might be an issue purely from EFT's side.


TL;DR. A great, clean, easily configurable cheese to play with for a fair price. Loved it and will definitely keep on cheesing.


(P.S. From what I've noticed, approximately 1/15 players in EFT is actively using a cheese. On Labs, there's (obviously) an even larger amount of cheese usage.)

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