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Features review




   -A simple easy to understand ESP with almost anything you can think of.

   -Distance ESP (Easy to figure out which enemies are a priority threat which is super important in a fight)

   -Box/Skeleton ESP(Can figure out which direction enemies are facing which is very nice during a fight, even lets you know if an enemy may be looting based on their position)

   -Item ESP is super customizable and is easy to set filters based on exactly what you're looking for, can set hot keys to turn items off in the middle of a fight if it's to cluttered.

   -Players and Scavs are separate colors for easy identification and the level check will tell you if a scav is a player scav.

   -Weapon ESP on players lets you know exactly what weapon you're facing and it's easier to tell if your advantage will be in a close fight or ranged.

   -ESP allows you to check enemy backpacks/pockets for identification as to whether you want to fight the enemy or not for their loot.

   -Armor/Helmet ESP lets you know how geared the enemy you're facing might be and if you should 1-tap them or just unload into their head for the kill.


   -Don't have any cons for the ESP other than a request to be able to bind multiple things to the same key (Backpack and pocket for me personally) so that you could check the opponents stuff and turn it right back         off as depending on what they have it can get cluttered very easy.




   -Smoothing (not something i make use of but nice to have the option)

   -Bone selection (You can literally choose any part of the body to lock onto which is very nice due to some new tasks requiring specific hits on specific body parts)

   -Recoil control.... what can i say, you can choose how much recoil the weapon has if any at all, easy to make it look a little more legitimate by just reducing the recoil to half or a quarter of the normal amount.

   -No breath/No sway, VERY nice for sniping, even if you used up all of your stamina you have a perfectly still reticle easy to make a shot with and stay still

   -The aimlock itself is very nice and locks super clean on your target, sometimes it will lock a few feet off of target though so be wary, not a very common issue but it DOES happen

   -Fast reload, very nice on load from the top weapons like the Mosin and every now and then nice for mag reloads


   -As stated above, the aimbot will randomly lock far off of your target which can make a large difference in a fight, it doesn't happen often but it does happen so just watch out for that.

   -Fast reload has an issue where occasionally it will load "to fast" and your magazines and character will be completely stuck, i.e. you can't shoot, switch weapons, loot, med, anything which effectively ends your             raid right there and then.  




  -Mini-map/radar tells you when enemies are nearby

  -Auto Unlocker.... If you have ever played tarkov I don't need to tell you how much of a godsend this is, you can open every single door no problems other than the keycard doors in labs

  -Loot through walls.... need I say more?

  -Night vision.... it's exactly that, night vision. If you toggle night vision on then back off while wearing a visor the visor will also disappear from your screen while staying in effect.

  -Sky Hack works perfectly allowing you to go into night raids while on your screen everything looks like it's mid day.


  -Long arm does not work as intended, you can check bodies at a distance but can't loot them, you can put your items ON the body but you can't take them or anything else back off of it (sniper scavs are a good       example)

  -No Visor does not work but read night vision above in the PROS section.


All in all the cheese is an extremely well put together cheese, I would buy it again over and over but there are definitely points of improvement to be made, I wish we had Max strength/max endurance back but i understand why they were removed, and I trust Chod to handle anything required on the cheese as this is the best Escape From Tarkov cheese I've ever used and continues to be so.

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