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My name is Hami and I have been using these cheats for about 5-6 months now and have not been banned :) 

Here are my honest opinions on the cheat (cheese)


-Full customizable with the fov and aim speed and where it locks too. This is very nice in my opinion so i can cheat without rage hacking.

-only downside is not all scopes work with it and sometimes your scope will make your aim lock flick off to the side of a player a large amount and wont actually aim at the target



-The esp is completely reliable and 100% accurate at where your target is and item esp is great as the name is in a very tight general area of the item (great for looting through walls)

-The downside is sometimes my cheat will not load at all but the menu is injected dosnt happen often just time to time



-Sky hack is great for taking on those night raids and if you dont want night vision you can just use this and make it clear as day

-night vision is just like how you think applies night vision without having to use the item

-Loot through walls is by far my favorite so i dont have to by 15mil+ keys to loot lab arsenal room i can just hatchet run loot bitcoins and stuff through the wall and get out

-Downsides of long arm, loot through walls is that you have to be 8m or closer to do anything which i dont assume is chod's fault and it may not be something we can get around



-You will receive any day lost added back to your subscription and this is by far a very key point for me that keeps me buying



My honest opinion is that this is a great service but you cant expect this service to be ready for you to play every day. The man running this business is amazing and i praise him for supplying all these services and all his staff for helping him out. You can not let the salty members of the community detour you from the service as they do not have patience for this service. If your looking for a good service that looks out for your safety and account before everything else this is the place for you. but if your looking for a quick fix and a high risk of getting banned maybe rethink buying this service. Also i fully trust any Chod service with my account and money they will not scam and most of the community wont either. We are friendly (for the most part, aka watch out for the salty members). We also support one another with giveaways and support on problems. Your always welcomed here as this is a positive community. Giveaways happen regularly, sales happen near holidays, and you can always meet great new people. 

And thank you to the Chod's Cheats staff team. They work hard clearing any miscommunication and any false info. And keeping us updated on whats going on with our cheats and helpfull guides and support that the average user could not give

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