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I've been using the ROE cheat for about 4 days, i am not too good at explaining things, but heres the pros and cons

By no means am i calling this cheat bad or not worth it, because its deffinetly fun!

Please dont be discouraged by this review, and dont let this sway your buying decisions 



-Good ESP and visuals all around

-Aimbot claps kids like always



-Lack of features 

-No RCS yet (recoil control system)

-When spraying with aimbot if you're not close its hard to hit shots due to no RCS

-Crashes every other game

-BIGGEST CON, no HWID spoofer (considering the game DOES HWID ban)


NOW, with that said, this cheat is new and still a WIP, so no worries on the cons, its more of a checklist in my opinion, I think even just a color customization tool for visuals would be HUGE!!!
The crashes are pretty annoying but is easy to restart, and the HWID spoofer is extremely needed.

With all that said the cheat is still great and i love using it, good job and hope to see some of the things on my list come into the cheat!

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