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1 Month EFT Cheese Review

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After one month I decided make a honest review so here we go:

Interface: Very well designed and user friendly, my only  complaint is custom loot filter overlays main menu and you might click on main menu. Overall 9.5/10

Miscellaneous Options: Especially Long Arm and No Visor is pretty useful. Sky hack and Night Vision are  cool features. Loot through walls doesn't work sometimes, and doors you close open immediately. Overall 9/10

Aimbot: Ok I'll be honest, most of the time it bugs you out, doesn't shoot exactly at the head or which part you choose. When you arrange the aimbot range, it still locks on targets over 300m, With high zoom optics, mostly it won't work. It's not really reliable I have to use it on short ranges. Overall: 6/10


ESP: Well most basic and mandatory feature but having ability to see armor and weapon is really critical  to plan your movement. It's really well designed and customizable colours are cool, Draw Look direction is my favourite.  Overall: 10/10


Loot Filters: I don't know if it's possible to see a full list of items at main menu so you can make custom filter before entering raid instead of manually typing and search for it when you in raid, but it does the work so I can't blame, Ability to save custom loot filters will be nice becasue everytime I relogin, they are gone. Overall: 8/10

No Recoil / No Spread /Auto Unlock: Well I don't use them since they are not in safe mode only tried once when vs Killa but it works as intentend. Auto Unlock is nice feature but most of the people say it's too risky, a detailed reason from Chod or other admins might clear some questions since it's re added. Overall: 9/10


Uptime: Well my longest downtime is like 3 days and I get compensated for it so I can't argue but more codders (if there is no trust or financial issues from Chod) will be nice. Tbh I would wait 3-4 days instead of getting banned but; don't get me wrong since we are buying product I'd expect quick response too. Overall: 7/10

Staff: Well I am suprised that they are generally online and answer tickets quickly. (Some users complain about HWID reset time but I can't say anything about it) Overall: 9/10

Requests: Well aimbot feature still need lots of tweaking so I'll leave that. Infinite stamina will be nice if it's safe to use.

My Personal Opinion: Well I've never used other providers' products so I can't really compare Chod vs xxx. Community is really helpful and you can get English answers lol.

I don't have any technical knowledge about anti cheat systems and maybe it's too early to talk (I am only using it for 1month 186 hours 7.5 K/D %60 S/R) but Chod makes me feel most safe, So I guess I'll resub again in the future ?

My Final Ranking : 8.4/10

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Guy above me in correct, these are the reviews that people like to read. It is neat and easy to read. 
One good way to build you custom filter esp if to load all of your good loot in a large backpack/rig and join factory offline raid, drop everything and there you have it :) 
Thank you for your review.

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