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A Detailed EFT Review.

The One Guy

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DISCLAIMER: I have used this EFT Cheat for well over 400 hours. Of these 400 hours, I have not yet experienced a ban. Furthermore, if you are banned it is because of your actions/abuse, most likely not Chods.



Unlike some other cheat provider; Chods EFT Cheat provided a well designed and user-friendly interface. Everything is well organized and easy to understand/locate.

It is pushed even further with nice customization options.


GUI Ranking - 8.5/10




I must admit, I was extremely impressed by the vast options and use the esp gives you; you could probably spend 30 minutes or more just fine-tuning it to your liking. It is very well done and works almost flawlessly. I will get into the details of the various features of ESP individually.


ESP-Players: You can easily customize what you can see regarding players, loot, skeleton, even what they are wearing such as armor and weapons allowing you to plan for any scenario you may encounter combating this player. You can also see distances allowing you to easily plan and possibly zero you sights correctly if combating from a distance.


ESP-Loot: Once again you are given many customization options and filters to decide what loot you want to see and find, including a distance filter in order to see objects in a close or far radius. 

I will admit to being overwhelmed by the amount of loot on my screen at times, but tweaking the settings can fix this problem.


ESP-Other Features: You can also see the extract locations, a very useful and helpful feature that has helped me memorize the extract locations of most maps. (Thanks Chod.) 


ESP Ranking - 9/10




Aimbot is an extremely important feature to many, and it was to me when I first started and trust me; you will once again be impressed.


Aimbot has many custom options and works very well. (Especially with the Mosin;))


Aimbot Ranking 9/10



Miscellaneous Features:                                                                                                                                                                         

There are a few miscellaneous features that I would like to get into, but I will admit to only using the skyhack or night vision in specific scenarios and have little experience using them.


Skyhack: This extra feature allows you to change the time of day. Playing at night? Make it day (Client-side of course.). This works very well and gives you a significant edge.


No Visor:  Allows you to use a visor without actually seeing it giving you the full use of your eyes. Have used in the past and can't complain.


Night Vision: Gives you night vision without actually have NVG. Works well, can't complain.


Miscellaneous Features Ranking 9/10




For the most part, the EFT is online and working. While there have been times where the cheat spends multiple days down I can't complain. I have never been banned and never had issues and that's due to the high Effort chod and his staff put into making these cheats work and undetectable. 


Uptime Ranking 7/10




I can't lie, with all good things come the bad; some more than others. But this is not the case, the good definitely outweighs the bad I still feel obligated to inform potential buyers.


Aimbot Bug: A well known yet very rare bug. (1/30 Chance.) Sometimes instead of locking onto the targeted spot, it will instead sping you almost 90 Degrees to the left. Restarting the game and cheat will always fix this. Annoying but you can live with it as it is a rare chance.


ESP/Cheat Not Working: This started happening recently but thankfully I believe I found the problem. Sometimes when you join a raid you will notice ESP doesn't work and aimbot, this is caused by joining a raid and before you load in clicking back to cancel joining the raid. This will break it. So avoid backing out of raids if possible.


Downtime: This cheat experiences downtime while it is being updated and checked to ensure you will not receive a ban. Sometimes it is down for multiple days which sucks but is completely understandable. Another issue is the lack of information regarding the downtime and you will not be given an ETA which is something Chods has stated. Again sucks but its understandable.


Downtime is redeemed since Chod will not charge you for days the cheat is spent down. If its down for 5 days, you get those 5 days back.




My Personal Opinion:

Chods Cheats offer cheats at an almost unprecedented level of quality. I have used EFT and CS:Go and both times I was vastly impressed. You pay high, for high-quality cheats. My only issue is the terrible exchange rate I have from the pound to CAD. 


In the end, I Highly Recommend this cheat to any potential buyers. It offers high-quality cheats, with high-level security. If you have questions/concerns feel free to message me.


Overall Ranking is 9/10.


My thanks and well done to Chod and the staff team for keeping this cheats at a high level of quality and maintaining a good community. :)


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Thanks for posting such a detailed review. Puts newcomers like me at ease when we check into the detection rate. You mention you have 400 hours with no bans. Just out of curiosity: what are your stats like? (K/D, SR)

Doesn't have to be exact in case you don't want identifying info on here. 



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7 hours ago, jake1197 said:

Thanks for posting such a detailed review. Puts newcomers like me at ease when we check into the detection rate. You mention you have 400 hours with no bans. Just out of curiosity: what are your stats like? (K/D, SR)

Doesn't have to be exact in case you don't want identifying info on here. 



Changes throughout the wipes, but approx K/D right now is 2.7, but I have not used aimbot for some time now only ESP. I also do hatching runs in order to lower it and grab high value loot. And my survival rate is 32%.

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