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Don't be blatant, don't make it obvious and remember to remove the USB after injecting. You should also not keep any screenshots with the cheats activated just in case. Oh and someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think a VPN will work with the cheats.

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An easy rule of thumb to keep your account safe is to ALWAYS play like someone is looking over your shoulder. We are still unsure if devs have the ability to watch you play live or watch replays but in the event that they do, don't do anything that would be a dead giveaway that you're cheating. I've been here for months and have only received 1 ban after 0.9 when anyone who injected got the hammer because BSG updated their anti-cheat. As to answer your IP question, you shouldn't need a VPN. Just spoof your HWID through the loader and in the event that you do get banned you can always change your IP address by power cycling your router or by contacting your ISP. Keeping your HWID safe should be the first priority in my opinion.

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