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EFT Review.


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I have been using this hack for 3 days now. Have to say it is really good. When it works it works. ESP is littarly perfection. I can see across the map or close by my own choise. Love that. 

The aimbot is superb but it has a flaw. From time to time the aimbot suddenly aims far away from an enemy and locks on keeping u aimed at empty space and making u unable to readjust ur aim. Restarting the aimbot by turning the aimbot off and on fixes it but if it happens mid fight ur toast. (Lost iCase this way,) 


ESP 9.5/10. 

Aimbot 7/10  (IT is really good just that one bug keeps cucking me.) 

Chod-Community 10/10 friendly helpfull peeps. 


Edit: Forgot to add this cheat wont or barely effect ur FPS. To me I had no issue or problem cheat runs smooth and solid. 


By far ur best pick for EFT cheat. 

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12 minutes ago, sofly1911 said:

Hey thanks for the review. You can bind your aimbot to MMB that way its easy to deal with those situations. 

It's is already on my Mouse button. It just fails sometimes and aims wrong. just in space. Really frustating. but when it works its amazing.

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