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I might as well give a review


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The in game menu is by far one of the best menus I have seen. I've been an avid game hacker since 2007 and believe me when i say this menu is the best or at least tied with some of the ones I've used in the past. All the mods that i have had the chance to speak too are great and they will answer any question you have. To be honest i was going into this thinking I'm gonna have to buy another copy of EFT and that Chods was probably just another scam. NOPE. Chods is at the top of my list when it comes to buying cheats. So getting back to the review of the EFT cheese.


ESP 9.5/10

-Easy customization when it comes to what you actually want to see


            *Players items

            *Players equipment etc...

-Doesn't make the game lag

-Chams are okay I have seen better but hey they work


Aimbot 7/10 

So i gave the aimbot quite a bit of testing and overall it's just not very good.


     *Friend filter so you don't TK any of your buddies

     *Choice of where you want the bot to aim at (chest, neck, head, etc..)

     *Does have visual check so you don't aim at people behind walls



     *Trash at a distance if using iron sights (must use at least a 4x scope for 150+ meter targets)

     *Even when aim smoothing is at fastest setting it has difficulty catching up to a running target


Radar 6/10

I turn it off because it usually just gets in the way and I always have ESP on anyway. It probably isn't too bad once you figure out what all the dots on the blank map are.


Night vision is actually really sweet but at the same time it's very clear you're cheating so i usually only use that on scav runs at night in Factory lol.


All in all the EFT cheese is quite good and I'll definitely be getting another month. The only real downside is that the EFT cheese gets disabled almost every day or every other day, but time does get compensated so there is that.


So yea that's my review if anyone that's new here wants to ask me anything just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you.

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