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Hi, thanks for helping me decide if i buyt this or not, my OS is windows 7, and yes, i have read that the cheat supports windows 10, but i was just wondering, if i buy it and use it in the windows 7 computer, it will not run at all? Thanks for helping me sort this out, nice website

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3 minutes ago, Kleaner said:

Greetings! I believe that the cheats are built only for Windows 10 or else you'll begin to encounter errors. Cheers! :)

Thanks for answering!, do you have any idea is this errors will make the cheat not work?, I dont care if it is unstable, im just looking for a good 30/1 hour playing time, I dont really have the chance to update the OS to windows 10, thanks anyway!

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4 minutes ago, Kleaner said:

Anytime bud! Yeah it's been known to make your cheese crash and stuff I believe so making it unable to be launched.

Damn, now im having second thoughts of buying this :(, this is the only good website for this game, damn, Im gonna contact a mod and see if I get like a more clear view of what errors expect

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