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Question about security

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So, what are the risks of being banned/untrusted when using this on MM comp? Detection wise, how secure is it now?

I was using another hack and it was just recently detected and I got untrusted on one of my accounts. I am pretty good at looking legit, but would like to safe some money on having to get another CS:GO key.

Thanks any input.

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Hi Sykotik, and Welcome to Chods-Cheats!

We just re-opened our sales with improved security,

You now have to load our client off a USB Drive in order to launch it,

The client will automatically remove itself after successful injection,

The result of this would be that our client will leave no traces on your PC after you injected it.

We have a safe feature in the hack that will cap your fov/aimspeed value and a lot more to battle unwanted untrusted bans.

Aslong as you keep "misc.smac 1" in ur config you should be safe playing with our cheat in MatchMaking.

I would suggest to download a premade config of our Config Submission section if you want a good base to start with.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I'll try my best to give you the answer.

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Here's the flat out truth of Chod's: Security is above all else. While other providers leave you vulnerable with default detected settings, allow anyone to set themselves up for failure with rage settings, and often very little support. Here Chod limits features/warns you specifically when you are modifying your settings to something that could be detected. :cool:

The website issues have been unfortunate, but in this game its bound to happen (Competing ddos or whatever).

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Hi, Sykotik!

The cheats here at Chod's Cheats are top of the line. Its focus is "legit" cheating and is one of the best at just that.

We did get caught during the massive banwaves back in March and the cheats were detected. However previously, there had not been a single detection for as long as Chod's Cheats had been running, which was more than a year.

Recently, we went through some serious rebuilding and the main point being security. Right now, I would say it is very secure but nobody knows what VAC will do next.

The staff as well as the whole community are very actively posting in the support section so don't hesitate to ask if you encounter any problems.

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