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Escape From Tarkov Review


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So I’ve been using EFT hacks for about a year almost anyway it is hands down without a doubt the best hacks out there and I’ve tried them all and nothing out comes anywhere near the quality of this cheat. The Aimbot is crisp and clean combined with the no recoil and no spread it makes it’s impossible to be bad at this game. The esp and loot functions are amazing and without a doubt the best I have ever seen being able to search for what loot you want to see. Overall I would give this 4.99999 out of 5 the only reason I wouldn’t say this is a 5 and it is not chods fault at all is just the fact that he doesn’t work on weekends when BSG pushes the updates which leaves weekends un cheesed which we are compinsayed for which is very generous and if provides some good humor listing to people go off in the chat box ab when it will be back up but all in all a very good program

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