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EFT Review from a customer that has been on and off.

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ESP | 7/10


the ESP is not completely bad, but does lack so core functionality of a useful ESP. This come in the form of the options not always working, for example, setting a custom filter to find Bitcoin, Bitcoin not actually displaying on the ESP but I found it still within the level. This happens to various other items as well, such as weapons and ammo, medical supplies, etc. Another issue is how, and for lack of a better word, half-arsed the ESP is. As a comparison I used a competitors cheat for a few days as the cheat was down, and the ESP was by far superior, this was because the majority of the functions worked as described, when I selected certain to only show medical supplies, it only showed medical supplies, and when I asked for a specific item only, I got that specific item, and never got medical supplies plus a load of random junk that Chod could not be bothered to define to a category. At the end of the day the ESP does its basic functionality: Locating players and scavs. It does that job very well.


AIMBOT | 5/10


Since the last update I have seen a massive drop in the performance of the aimbot feature. I remember it working incredibly well during the summer of 2018, which is when I first bought the cheat, however recently it has lost most of it. Most of my shots do not hit their targets, especially when in a awkward or confine space or when laying prone on the floor. This downside is doesn't seem so bad when the no-recoil and no-spread work very well, and doesn't randomly go wrong as I have seen in other providers. Although at accomplishing what an aimbot is meant to do, and that is to aim for you, it fails from time to time.


MISC | 8/10


The misc options available are really quite good. The ability to have access to all the doors on a map at any given time, without the actual key is a gift from heaven and a brilliant time saver, as well as being able to have night vision when you want, change the time of day the such are great for a player. The function of a "Safe Mode" is also very useful. Over all these options are good.


LAUNCHER | 10/10


The launcher is very good at doing what it's meant to do, and is very safe and user friendly; good overall design and easy to navigate.


UPTIME | 3/10


We can all appreciate how hard it must be to constantly update something; but for me and few others, I have no sympathy when it is someone job to fix it, you fix it. This is the biggest downfall because out of the positives because they get glossed over by this huge issue and that is unlike other providers when there is an update for EFT and the cheat goes down, this cheat goes down particularly hard. It can take anywhere from 2-4 days to even a week before the cheat is update, however what drags it down even more is the backlash to anyone opposing the ludicrous amount of downtime.


P.S: Totally didn't steal the review structure from @wxtgaming




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5 minutes ago, F̲a̲c̲e̲l̲e̲s̲s̲ said:

Thank you for the review.

Cheers, bud. Hope it doesn't come across rude as that was not my intention

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i am a total noob with cheating. Actualy it is my first time. So i am very afraid to use the aimbot, but i had to try it yesterday, had 3 bully on me (50 to 100m away) on a wide open spot on interchange. I think not a single bullet landed and im dead 😛 

Anyway, the most important feature on tarkov is the ESP and it work great, except sometimes the box or skelleton is not on the player/bot when they are moving.

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