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Some questions before buying


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i want to ask about few things before buing hacks.

1. If i get banned on one account will second be banned INSTANTLY too because of using it on same ip/hwid?

2. Can I safely have 2 accs one “clean” and one for hacks?

3. Which things I shouldnt do to avoid getting banned? Of course I know that there is also chance and I would not complain if it happens but still I want to know how they detect that you have hacks (excluding obvious hacking with shooting through walls)

4. If I buy hack can I cancel subscription instantly to not pay for next month (recurring payment) and keep cheat for time I paid for?

5. Is esp loot showing items which are in scavs pockets?

6. Can I transfer money from account on which I hack to friends or my second account without worrying about ban?

Thanks in advance for help!

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1. im not sure? dont think they hwid ban but ip could be a thing.

2. heaps of people do that, i do

3. dont do obvious things and take breaks, restart the cheat every hour-2 so it changes it values and stuff to lower your risk, pay attention to forums.

4. recurring payment isnt a thing to my knowledge. when it comes to next month it says, "hey you got a pending month choose to pay or nah"(not those exact words)

5. it CAN show everything. (containers, pockets, bags, ground loot and corpses etc.)

6. not sure about ban, but heaps of people do it already and i dont hear much of those bans so go for it i guess.


wait for other replies so u get a better understanding.

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1. No confirmed information about that, would still highly reccomend a VPN and maybe a HWID spoofer if you want to be really safe.

2. Ofcourse, just make sure they dont associate each other.

3. Dont speedhack around the map where people see you, avoid streamers, avoid shady raid times/kills, and yes check the forums for ban reports.

4. You will get a invoice for the next month wich you simply dont have to pay if you dont want to reniew (aka you wont automatically get charged)
5. everything :)
6. Yes.

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