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It is wired


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"Your payment has been held for approval as we have been unable to verify the information you provided us with. This process is usually complete within a few hours but may take longer depending on the complexity of your case.

Please provide a proof of your address like a bill, id or something else that shows your address on it.(needs to be a real document)

If you're using a VPN please ask us to cancel the payment and you'll have to purchase it again without.

If you used a fake/changed address that you cant verify please ask us to refuse your payment and create a new invoice with your real details.


We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Kind Regards,

Chod's Cheats Support"

this is what i received from them after almost 24 hours I paid for the subscription. And i reply this ticket at 10am but received nothing yet. I can see a charge on my card why they need my information anyway ?

The support here is fully dissatisfied/ :(  At least you should have some live chat supporter.

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Keep this in the Support Ticket Dude. Dont need to go around sharing.


They use the information to back up the account, Everyone needs to do it not just you. Its so in the future if they need to Verify you for somthing like a HWID change or someone gains access to your acount they can sort it out. With no evidence on your behalf they cant help you in the future if somthing goes wrong.

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