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Honest EFT review


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ESP 8/10

The esp itself had no issues besides that the glow esp should turn off and on after every single match


The aimbot work pretty fine but not all the time
Silent aim work good and all the other features works good

Loot filter 9/10
Im not using this all the time but when i do it do the work

Misc 8/10
Foud some minior issues with the night vision and the no visor
Other misc work fine

The programmers of the cheat 5/10

They do their work, But they do it really slow. Meanwhile other cheat providers update their cheat within 2 days here it take up to 4 days sometimes even more

The launcher 10/10
No issues found, work fine all the time

The cheat is good and one of the best out there and worth the money but the updates taking too long

this is a honest review wirten by someone who using cheats up to 5 years in all kind of games

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