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4 month review

Spike Spiegel

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Aimbot: 6/10

can be buggy at times but for the most part it works as it should without too many issues.


esp: 9/10

esp is hands down the best part of this cheat and often is my favorite feature. very detailed and well oriented never had an issue with it


miscellaneous: 7/10

a few extra quality of life features to help make the game more enjoyable in here. nothing crazy but def happy with the features available. (although i wish we still had autounlocker ?.)


i know im leaving a few features out of this cheat in my review but honestly i really cant find much bad to say about it at all!! other then the aimbot being a little buggy at times this cheat is great and always as safe as possible for the user (provided u dont play like an idiot lol.) 


as a side note i really enjoy how active this site is and its users and im glad this cheat brought me into it!!! 



Thanks for being awesome chode and ur moderators :)







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