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1 yearish review


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Well lads I'm here for another review of Chods Cheats Escape from tarkov.

ESP 5/5
The ESP has been hands down the best I've used and I've no issues with it since I bought it, The gun text being a different color is really nice, easy to read. Customization.... Just overrall easy to use. The loot filter helps A LOT, it could use a remove only one filter at a time feature tho, So if you wish to clear one item you have to remove all your items.. making you filter again. The Wallhack Chams is a bit bright, not really useful for me personally. But overall solid ESP

Good Loot Filter
Good Easy to read ESP

Aimbot 2/5
Sadly the weakest point of this cheat. I understand its suppose to aim in certain ways and stuff.. but it usually misses and never hits targets far off.. not often.. If I'm doing something wrong  I'd like to know, I've used it with no spread/no recoil/no sway etc. It usually only works well on close targets. On the other hand the Silent aim is a nice addition, it helps keep you from snapping to your opponent which could be suspicious. Another massive problem thats been known for awhile is the aimbot snapping off to the far left or right of some targets. This has gotten me killed in the past multiple times, I believe this does not happen with Silent aim tho. Cannot confirm

Aimbot is ok for non moving/close targets but has trouble hitting targets moving further away or even just stationary.

Silent Aim Is great for lowering suspicion.
Aimbot Snaps randomly to the side of the target you're aiming at.

Misc Features 4/5
Not much to say but no recoil/spread work flawlessly. All the misc features do as they say *loot to me only works offline*, I dont use the non safe options like Unlimited sprint etc, I keep my self in safe mode, But they do work from what I've heard. 

Basically everything works well, No recoil, No away, Unlimited sprint, Teleport to aim etc etc

Security and down time
The Cheat security for a long time was really good, But when BSG upped their anti cheat I saw 2 bans overall from chods. Not to say this is bad. Other providers had much more bans from what I've seen, Which gave us the lead here. So I've kept my cheating to a minimum, Even dying alot  on purpose to keep my SR down. Ofc with crappier gear ;).

Now the Downtime is possibly the biggest downside here. I understand Chod is a human like us all, but when tarkov updates on fridays which it often does, We must wait till monday most times for an update. I understand downtime is compensated which is a given, but It is still a inconvenience. I hope to see that improve in the future the up-time, As other providers get theirs back up in a day or so after a small update while we have to wait for the weekend  to end. 


Chods has had very few detection's  compared to other providers.
The cheat is usually down over weekends if a update comes  out late friday.}

Thats basically the end of my review, I hope it did not seem to harsh but its  my honest opinion, Ive been here about a year not a full year and been using it off and  on. I love the UI of your cheat and Hope to see you make improvements and even better cheats for the foreseeable future. You have my faith and money ;) 
Thank you!



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