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Review - played a few month now


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I've been using the EFT "features" since May of this year. With interruption of the subscription.

Aimbot 8/10

I rarely use the Aimbot. If I use this with following settings. Use Silentaim with a FoV of 8. So you have to be on target.
Otherwise, no further settings.

ESP 9/10

I really like the ESP of Chod. I have seen others who only have a box and do not even indicate that they are standing or lying opposite. The only thing that bothers me is that the ESP is no longer in the right place due to scopes and visors.
If lags appear in the game, the range of the ESP.
I love the custom option of the Loot ESP.


I only use FastSprint and sometimes the auto-locker.


Switched off. No use for me.



I think it's great that you can set yourself the sytle of the "cheat menu" and also remove the watermark etc.

Is 99% on me. I try to play as legit as possible. LUL.
And I think this is the team around Chod the great effort that the users are protected. Thanks for that!




I play with 2 accounts and never got a ban

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