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EFT Review - Subbed on 10/15


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I've been using EFT cheese for long enough that I feel confident to give my review of the service.  First of all, this is the first time I've used a cheat, and EFT is the only game I have a sub with... so I don't have a ton to compare it to.  What I would expect out of a cheat is reliability, consistency, and safety.  I'd say Chod's is top tier with all 3.


Visuals - 


The visual hacks work reliably more than 90% of the time.  Every now and then I will load into a raid and none of the visuals will show... but the few times that happened it was after extended use and is fixed as soon as I re-inject/reload the game.  The fact that there is so much information I can potentially have displayed and configured to my preference is great.  Range, gear, player options, colors, it's all there for you to customize to get the most out of your play session.  I also can't believe how deep the options are for loot.  If you are looking for something particular in a raid, and that item is somewhere on the map, you will find it.


Performance -


I can't speak for every feature, but the ones I use work without issue.  Aimbot, no-recoil, no sway, it's all fantastic.  I also like the ability to hotkey these so I can use them only when needed, and prevents me from accidentally snapping onto teammates or when I'm not trying to engage.  My only gripe is that it would be nice to be able to hotkey multiple features to the same hotkey.  For instance, no-recoil and no sway hotkeyed to the same button so they both activate at the same time.



Service - 


Chods seems to be backed by a very dedicated mod team that respond to tickets incredibly fast, and handle them very professionally.  They also seem to prioritize user safety and are constantly updating their services to make sure they are 1 step ahead.  If you are on the fence I'd say Chods priority to safety should be the deciding factor.


My Setup -


I typically will just run ESP/ visuals.  I have it set to 250m and it's active for both players and Scavs.  In rare instances I will use either no recoil or Aimbot.  I have Aimbot hotkeyed to Mouse3 and no recoil hot keyed to "Backspace".  This is so I only activate them when needed, usually for scavs.  My aimbot FOV I have set incredibly low, and speed I leave at default.  I also have a loot filter which I have set to only show misc items, weapons, keys, and gear.  I turned off medical items, ammo, drinks, etc to de-clutter the screen.  I also have it set to show the contents of containers only when I hover my mouse over them.  Loot I have hotkeyed to "L".  I end up looking at my gun each time I turn it on and off but i don't mind!  It's easy to remember and usually the guns I'm rocking are cool enough to check out 10 or so times each raid lol.


Overall thoughts - 


It's got to be one of the best, if not the best options out there.  It's a reliable and feature rich provider with a top notch staff/support team.  You really can't go wrong.  My ONLY pieces of criticism are the inability to both hotkey multiple actions to one button as well as save preferences.  You have a system with a TON of options but it forgets them every time you inject.  Even with these two incredibly minor gripes I consider myself very impressed with Chod's Cheats.

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