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I've been with Chod's for more than a month and have been using this for every single day it has been available! So I think I am ready to give me honest opinion!


1. You will NOT get banned if you stay in Safe mode and only use the ESP and aimbot.


2. ESP : 9/10

Beautiful work, just beautiful , it's clear it's perfect, never fails me, I just gave it a 9/10 because SOMETIMES, like 1/20 games, it shows the box behind the PMC/SCAV, 

but overall it's really good, shows you everything you need, loot, armor, guns, etc...


3. Aimbot : 9/10


Also 9/10 because sometimes when I ADS, the aimbot starts shooting at the sky by itself, but that RARELY happens, 

overall, very good aimbot!


4. Overall 9.5/10

It's a great cheat, nothing is needed to be added, really, nothing, 

I haven't tried safemode off, because it's always risky, and I wouldn't risk it, but until then, playing 8-10 hours a day, for 30 days, I haven't been banned not once, 

so this is a great cheat that I would recommend to friends, and newcomers to Chods!


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