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EFT • Former customer, have some questions.


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Hey everyone,


So I used to cheese quite some time ago with the great client that is Chod's & since I kinda miss the whole thing, I wanted to get back on it. I have some simple questions though :


  • I've read some threads here & there, apparently the client got detected not long ago, did they stepped up their whole AC stuff (automated-bans & whatnot ?) or is it — supposedly — the same « flagged & manually reviewed » system ? If someone here lost one or more account to this wave, if you could briefly describe how you used Chod's, that would be great.


  • I stopped playing in March, what changed in Battlestate's policies about cheesing since ?


Thanks to you & the answers you might bring, have a good one !

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The first point, it's still apparently the same system and their AC just flags the users and then they manually review and ban.


Second point, nothing. It's still the same. You cheat, you get banned, you rebuy an account and repeat the process - of course - you don't always get banned but they're a lot more active than they were back in March.

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Well thanks !

I've used only one account that has yet to be banned, never really took any solid precautions looking legit, just basic stuff. I know the risks and I fully understand one day or another, you might get caught, but in the other hand, giving them this satisfaction... Meh. They only have to get lucky once.

Anyway, I might just get an EFT Standard Edition & a sub here in the near future, just for the lolz. Thanks again !


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  • 2 weeks later...

if you wanna avoid getting banned just stay in safemode and use these options ( worked for me perfect, active more than 9 hrs daily with over a month on chods cheats ) :


ESP : 

turn off everything but the Active box on all tabs BUT the Player's tab, keep everything on.


Aimbot : 

No recoil, 

Aimbot On, 

No spread, 

Automatic weapons, 

keep those on and the rest off.

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