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Hey guys, im new to this webiste.

I was using x** before but your hacks seems to have cooler features ^^

But there are 2 questions I still have:

1. Is there any way I can pay with paysafecards? It's alot easier and i can get them faster.

2. Why is ur cheat so expensive :OO. Like you say that no one can beat the price of ur cheat but 90 pounds

are 110€. On x** I can get a CS:GO Lifetime (not only 1 year) for 60€. This is almost halfe the price for lifetime instead

of only 1 year. NREM (the guy who referred me) said that he got lifetime for 70€. I was like nice man and then I went to your

website and the cheat was just so expensive :o.

Thanks in advance for everyone helping me and I hope I can buy your cheat as soon as possible :P

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Hi, betterbuyhackshere!

Chod's Cheats is my favorite cheat provider and that opinion is shared by many others. It's a cheat focused on "Legit" cheating, while semi-raging will be possible.

The amount of features in the hack are mostly the same as what many other providers offer - however, Chod's Cheats has a very unique scripting engine. The possibilities are close to endless!

Due to recent updates and changes, you can now only run the cheat on a 64-bit system, and a USB drive is required for executing and loading the cheat. With that said, let me briefly answer your two questions.

1. When purchasing a cheat, you can choose to proceed to checkout using either Paypal or Google Wallet.

2. Lifetime was previously offered by Chod's Cheats but has been removed. There has been a lot of rebuilding going on and I'm assuming it has become more expensive for Chod to keep everything running, hence the pricing changes.

If you decide to purchase cheats here on Chod's Cheats, you will definitely not regret doing so. The staff as well as lots of members are very actively posting in the support section so don't worry about any occurring problems.

I hope you're happy with my response, feel free to ask again if I missed anything.

- Nimba

Edited by Nimba

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