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How to renew/repurchase a cheat


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A lot of users seem to be confused and try to purchase the cheat again through the store but get the error of, "you are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so". So, I'm going to make a quick guide on how to renew the cheat and hopefully stop the confusion. 



Step 1: Hover over the store and wait for the drop-down box, then navigate down to "Manage Purchases", click on it and then you'll be taken to a new page.

Capture 1.png





Once you're onto the manage purchases area you'll see a box like the one below, there might be more depending on how many cheats you own. On the far right side, you'll see "Manage" and another box (which I'd already clicked before this tutorial so I've just made a red outline where it would be) called "Renew Now", click renew now and you'll be taken to the payment screen. If you don't have the "Renew Now" option you can also click the "Pay Now" option that is found by the other red box in the middle-left portion of the screen which also links you to the payment screen.

Capture 2.png






Here you just choose your payment method of choice, agree to the TOS, and continue to the payment screen - which for obvious reasons - I won't be showing.

Capture 3.png


**The renewal price is the same price you paid when you first bought the cheat**

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1 hour ago, DOD said:


how can I change the renewal period? To go from 1 month to 3 months because I am told that I have already subscribed

You can cancel your renewal at manage purchases and set it to a new one.

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