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EFT Cheese and the Grater


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Oh where to start, I'll start with a thank you to chods team for making this a public, pay to play, cheat. Most developers want to keep their cheese to themselves, and i'm glad I finally found chods. 


So lets get to the cheese. 

Almost everything in the menu is functional, the aimbot works about 98% of the time, with the occasional aiming way into the sky when locking on to random players/scavs, I hear this is a common issue and it doesn't bother me to much. 

The ESP works phenomenally couldn't really ask for a much better one. There are so many options and filters and even a CUSTOM filter. Hands down best ESP menu I have used across all cheat clients.

No-Clip does as advertised, and is kind of troll. BECAREFUL I have watched people get banned mid-game using no-clip.

No-Sway and No-Recoil are my best friends, I love them.

One of my favorite features of the aimbot is the friends list, you can manually change who you lock-on with aimbot, and you can even color them differently with the ESP, SUPER handy for cutting down on communications and not accidentally tapping one of them in the head if they walk infront of you.


As I sit here writing this review I am going through the process of replacing my EOD account that got Grated(Banned) yesterday in the ban wave. I knew the risks going into it more than a year ago, and couldn't be more satisfied with finally getting Grated. I have had more fun in the months of playing with my friends that don't have cheats and being that "better than average" player that can help carry them, than I would have had without Chods Cheese.


So without any hesitation I will slap a fat 9.5/10 on my review, .25 Points being taken away for the aimbot issues once in a blue moon, and the other .25 because I had to get my lazy ass up and write a review finally.


Big thanks to the boys here, keep on cheesing lads.

PS fuck you nikita

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4 hours ago, Monkeyface said:

We plan to. xD 

I love how much positive feedback this is getting, this community is 10/10. Why is it that in so many gaming communities there is so much toxicity but you come to a cheesing community and its like a bunch of hippy's with joints going around. ❤️

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