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EFT Cheez And You


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ESP, loot ESP, no recoil all work well.


The ESP skeletons/boxes are affected by lenses on faceshields/scopes, but it's still useful.


I purchased the cheat on October 1st, and it's had a lot of downtime... I've had 17 days comped to my subscription in just this month.


Why so much downtime, you ask? Well, the main explanation you'll get around these forums is that it's to defeat BSG's anti-cheat and keep us all safe. A lot of the downtime is caused by BSG's small and frequent updates, which they usually put out just before a weekend (then the cheat is down all weekend).


So, the downtime is pretty bad. I have not been able to use the product for more than half of the month. Ordinarily this wouldn't really bother me...


However, I feel that, after this recent banwave, the cheat's downtime cannot be justified as an anti-cheat precaution. I understand the risks of hacking in a game, but everyone using this cheat was banned in the last two days... Not sure what the solution is for Chod's team here. The downtime is the main drawback to this cheat, and yet we all got banned anyway. For the money, you'd almost be better off (and get to use the product more) just buying a disposable standard ed. EFT account, and raging with some free public cheat (since apparently you're going to get detected, anyway).


In summary-- good features (10/10), terrible downtime (4/10), and got ban-wave'd anyway (0/10).

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