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Hey guys!


Just wanna say using these cheats for EFT has been really fun so far. The price is on point for what I paid for. It's not even the cheats it's the forums too. I can check the status and keep up to date on everything. The forums are laid out nice I like it a lot. Now getting into the cheats. I only used ESP and a little aimbot to get the best gaming experience for me. When I used the aimbot sometimes it would glitch and force me to look up or down. Also, the cheat only crashed once for me. I love the work that is being put into this cheat. It has a lot of good features to it and I'm very pleased. Not only am I pleased I'm just in love with them. To the new people looking to buy them, I recommend it but, when you get them to stay up to date on the cheat status before you get on. It will help you from getting banned.




Thank you to chod and his staff.  

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