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This cheat is the most functional and unique I've seen on the market. 
It works so well and doesn't bog don't a CPU as much as others do
The features are not too powerful or Cheese. (I like that to stay under the radar.)
However, it does have rage cheese in which I like as an option.
Speaking from a minor coding aspect this must be a nightmare to get to run so smoothly. 
As it runs better for me than just running the game.
The cheat is very nice but some things are a little hard to pick up on. The filters, for example, can be a little hard understand but after some time using it becomes easier. 
the Aimbot gets a little...confused? It will SOME times VERY RARELY shoot next to the target's head. This is rare though and doesn't happen that often.
Of course the biggest problem...(well not really a problem but a minor annoyance.) the player scavs are still indicated as bots
but as some of the mods have said its easy to find out if a scav is a player or not so it easy to tell if a player is a scav. I'd still like that to be a feature but they are right.
all in all this is a solid 9/10 
if your tired of being killed by a squad of fully geared people in woods or where ever this will help.
auto unlocker while might seem raggy If nobody is around to see you do it I don't see it as a rage. :D 
you can get geared fast by doing that.


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