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EFT(Escape From Tarkov) cheat review


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I am french so sorry 4 my english.


I have been using Chod's cheats for about 6 months and to be honest this cheat is amazing. I first bought one month to try it and see if this was a scam or not because when I saw the video it was to good to be true and I mean you never know.(I even purchased a prepaid master card gift card to buy it Lmfao) That's how sceptical I was. For people that are currently in the same position as I was, this is not a scam but the best investment you will do this year. Don't buy one month. Go for 1 year right away because I will guarantee you You will renew it after your month is done. It's that good. I have to admit I am a noob with computers and it was very easy to install and inject the cheese(guides and instructions are very simple and easy to understand) They have so many different options or features on there EFT hack  that it makes EFT fun to play again(for eft features: ( https://chods-cheats.com/store/product/22-escape-from-tarkov-cheat/ ). There cheat menu is very simple and easy to configure. You can also keybind features, set and save your settings and the next time you log in all you need to do is load your saved settings...This cheat will save you a lot of time for searching quest items since there is a loot esp and search filter. It will also allow you to rank up faster since you almost never die and can destroy everyone in your sight of view haha. It is very sad but since I have bought this EFT cheese, I can no longer play EFT without chod's cheese. This particular cheese from chod's cheats is addictive. One thing you have to know is when BSG (battle state gaming) does an update you will need to understand that there will always be some downtime (small updates, couple hours down...bigger updates 1 day to a couple of days down) but the wait is always worth it because you know that if the cheat status is online\undetected you will not get ban unless you rage like an idiot. Another good point about having to wait when there is some downtime is that the downtime will be compensated to your subscription. Just to give you an example: I purchased on 2018-04-12 for one year and it expires on 2019-08-03. The only negative thing I can say is sometimes (1 time out of 200) when you come to aim to a player, the aim bot is off... It doesn't happen often or to everyone but it could. When it does happen to me, I usually fuck around with the fov (field of view) settings and it fixes the problem. Other important point: This is obviously no to suck up but Chod's cheats staff and customer service is amazing. They always reply very fast  to our support tickets with answers or solutions to our questions or problems. Other than that, the only question I'm still asking myself about this cheat is : Why did I not buy this cheat before? overall even with the aim bot thing I mentioned, I have to give it a 10 out of 10. By the way, I don't work for Chod's Cheats. I am not a friend of chod's cheats owner or of one his staff member. I'm just a more than satisfied customer. I hope this review will help anyone or unsecured customers to buy this cheat without hesitating.


To other chod's cheats customers that uses this cheat, does this review sound fair enough?


Best regards, Rivalsolution

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