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Reviewing all the features in the cheat


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Aimbot - Aimbot is good, had a bit of problems at the start but I was lucky Chod was going to fix it some days later. After the fix, the aimbot became really fine and precise, it doesn't have any kind of offset for long range shots or when a player is running, so most of the time you have to rely on fast bullets shot from weapons like the M4 or M1A. So I don't know if it is not actually possible to add these little modifications to the aimbot in a FPS where bullets go down with distance but it would be cool and of course more deadly

Smooth aiming – Played a bit with this parameter and it turned out to be useful for streamers and recording videos, it actually fakes a smooth slower aiming on a player instead to instantly pop over it. Cool, but hard to set.

No spread – Yeah, useful, but in my opinion it's easy to detect manually. Using this you are basically leaving perfect lines or curves of bullets on the walls.

No recoil – Common feature, necessary but tends to give power punches to people, looking suspiscious. Not much to worry about though

Field of view – Use it lower when playing normally, higher towards other cheaters, same with the smooth aiming.

No breath  – Useful because since bullets come straight out of the barrel of the guns, they tend to not shoot the first shot exactly at the center of the screen

No Sway – Useful when moving laterally and shooting at the same time, removes weapon sway and I can recommend it more than the others

Automatic weapons – Easily detectable, but cool to use with weapons like the M1A or shotguns, when it works. Makes every gun like a chainsaw

Autoshoot – I would recommend it only towards other cheaters, but not fully reliable. Full auto is broken, and single fire is too slow, no ways to modify the rate of fire

Hitbox selection  – I personally recommend to leave it on the neck, half of your kills will be on the chest, half on the head, making you less manually detectable. Also since there is no offset, you cannot trust guns with low or subsonic speed bullets, shooting hundreds of meters away basically leaves a trail under the feet of a player


Player ESP

Everything is fucked up with scopes, do not use them or disable most of these option to keep the visual as clear as possible

Boxes – I don't personally like them, too much invasive and from the distance they don't allow you to see the body, basically having to rely on luck or on aimbot.

Names – It's a must use, you need to see if there are other famous streamers around or friends you don't want to be recognized by while cheating

Skeleton – Simple and useful, same problem with boxes and distance btw

Inventory – This one can get really invasive, I would like to see the items actually be listed under the player since if used always on leads to seeing a lot of lists on the screen, and it's bad aiming like that without the aimbot

Distance – Want to land a long distance shot on the enemies head with precision? You can rely on this also if you want to learn a scope mounted on a particular gun

Health – Dunno, personally used for trolling people, having them bleed like preys and then looting their things. Basic info

Sound – Almost useless, unless you want to "see the sounds"

Backpack – Same as inventory, if not worse


Loot ESP

Most useful of all, making quests super easy and trading a hundred times profitable

Name – Needed and useful, but no customizable names or "similar" to the in-game names as seen in the inventories, hard to learn which is which at first, takes time.

Distance – You could activate it or not, useful but not so needed, unless you want to explode a player tens meter from a spawned DVL-10 before he even knows

Item box  – Really useful to find bitcoins and rare items around the maps inside containers

Filters - Filters are fine™ but an item must be present in the map to be selected, also names are hard to associate, takes time


Misc features


Speed hack – Want to be banned as me? Leave it always on at full speed. By the way, it looks like the game tick rate is reduced, so you are faster as everything else (hunger and hydration depletion, reloading times) and it can lead to infinite loops in the inventory, locking your interactions. Be careful using it, or do not at all, it's better. It costed me an EoD

Fast sprint – ELITE level Strength speed, really useful

Super jump – Never used it, could not make it work. Have nothing to say about it

Super bullet – Removed feature, could not try it

Unlimited stamina – Cool but soon™ your friends will start asking "bro what are your starts you run for so fucking long". Use at your risk

Teleport to other players* – Super mega suspicious and not everyone will believe "desync is a thing"

Teleport all loot to yourself – Works sometimes, not always, personally I don't like it but it's fun to use. Super risky tho

No-clip / fly-mode* – Check this feature to be banned in less than a week

Skyhack - Go on night raids and steal all the night visors without buying one. Cool feature, doesn't work on Factory because there is no weather/time cycle in that map, keep it in mind

LSD Mode - Didn't work for me, maybe temporarily disabled

Night vision - I recommend using the skyhack, but if you want to feel oper8or with cheats, go ahead

Auto unlocker - Never used because I had all the keys, but you can't resist to an RSASS on the Kiba walls when you forget your keys. Can lead to detection if "someone is watching"

No Decay - Was not present in my version

Teleport to crosshair – Used sometimes to escape from cheaters aimbots, but not very useful


Overall vote: 8/10

Most of the features can be worked on, and the various interfaces could be better, but I have not used other cheats on EFT so I don't know if this is the normal case or Chod is one of the first to have implemented a interface. Anyway, if it's possible, modify some on-screen infos to make it as clear as possible, I would like in future to have most of the features enabled without having hundreds of item IDs (something you can filter out, I know) shown on screen. Also help players distinguish scav bots from scav players if it's possible, and allow to keep only the skeleton and gun for example. I hope you will find a solution for the PiP rendering fucking with the ESP.


cheat is fine, would recommend it


but not now, banwave incoming soon™

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