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Insurgency hack


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Hi people I found out how to start hack from USB but when I hit Insert on keyboard after that client has said to start the game it does nothing hack doesn't work or anything. (It says its injected I was talking to the user "OMGimGay" and he asked if it beeps 3 times and it doesn't)

Just bought PC 1 and half weeks ago

i7 4790k overclocker to 4.7ghz

16GB RAM overclocker to 2666mhz

GTX 780 Ti in SLi

H100i cooler

Asus Maxiumus VII Ranger MoBo

128GB Corsair SSD

2TB Western Digital HDD

1000w PSU

Logitech G500s mouse

3 x 24 inch monitors + stand

and corsair k70 mechanical keyboard

thought I would post specs just incase there maybe any incompatibility issues with hardware.

The hack isn't working I've tried a USB 2.0 4GB that doesn't even allow me to run program. and a USB 3.0 16GB does whats mentioned right at the top of post. Message back or join TeamSpeak or I cant remember what the programs called but I m willing to let people control my PC so you can try and setup so you can see that it doesn't work so you can try and fix it issue with a refund thanks inadvance

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