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Snokones EFT review


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First I'd like to start off with saying cheating is risky and may result in a permanent game ban from escape from tarkov so take that risk on yourself.



-good player and scav esp 

-loot esp

-see inside containers 

- custom loot filter

- decent aimbot works 95% of the time

- cool misc. Cheats like NVG mode 


- cheat sometimes crashes my game 

- down time of cheat (I know it's better for us but it does suck) 

- I actually  dont like the rage hack options like super speed and the cheats like that kinda ruin the game for me when you get ganked right when I get in that might just be me 


I'd like to see some things get added if possible 

-an audible noise to let you know cheat is loaded successfully

- I dont know if possible but an aimbot that predicts bullet drop and such 

- I'd also like to be able to change the esp boxes color my self  


I'd also like to add befor useing chods I used 2 other clients and his stood out the most to me especially with the atttetivenss of his staff and there ability to answer the most stupid of my questions chods you guys have gained a life long member as long as your cheats stay good and undetected I'll keep buying


So my rating do I recommend people by chods why yes I f**king do it's an amazing cheat with an amazing community behind it they also have great security and care for the consumer 



         ---much love snokone 

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nice review

I feel you on the ragehackers in some game i have it too, i spawn and get a headshot xD mostly on factory

hmm cant we change box color in themes ? player_box_esp or something like that? i just use skeleton so i dont really know


Stay save

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